April 3, 2010

You Think You've Got a Plan...Then Life Happens

It's amazing to me how quickly this year has gone, and the amount of things that have happened. Jobs (or lack of them at some points...Morgan was right saying I have a job curse), surprise travel, and new Parker family additions have changed 2010 for the better. From the last time I wrote, I stopped working as a gymnastics coach and found a job at the front desk of the SeaCrest Resort in Pismo Beach. It's full-time and with nice pay and benefits after 90 days and I love working in Pismo!
In March, I got to go to Nashville and Chicago to spend time with my family there and surprise my great-grandma Cleo for her 90th birthday. That was really fun- plus, my mom and sisters got to go too, even though they arrived in Chicago separately and didn't stay as long (however, the girls and I spent lots of time taking pictures, swimming, and spending time together so even though we were in Illinois for a different reason it turned out to be a great sister get-together). It was hard leaving my husband for even a week (I honestly didn't think it would be so hard but I missed him like crazy) but I think surprising Grandma Cleo and seeing her made up for the time spent apart from Parker.
The day before I left for Nashville something small but very important entered the new branch of the Parker family. What has four legs, a tail, and the cutest little face ever? Augustus, or Gus-Gus, our new German Shepherd mix puppy. Parker and I had originally planned to get a puppy April 1st but when I saw him on Petfinder.com I knew he was supposed to be in our family and asked Parker if we could get him right away so that no one else could have him...and to my surprise, he said yes! I was so excited I could barely wait until the day came when I could go pick him up from the animal shelter in Shafter (near Bakersfield). Once Gus-Gus entered the picture, my car never smelled the same again-but that doesn't matter because I love Gus-Gus as much as humanly possible and then some. I know Parker loves him too, and I'm so glad to have this little guy as part of our family. He is three or four months old (the animal shelter didn't know his exact date of birth) and is just starting the teething process, so he's always trying to chomp on any exposed limbs, which is not fun but it's nice to know it's not out of aggression. He's so good on his walks and he's learned some basic training commands already. He's definitely a momma's boy and I spoil him but only because he deserves it. :) He loves Parker too and always is so excited to run and play with him when he gets home from work. I can't imagine any other puppy in our little family.
Ah, life is good.