March 25, 2013

Happy Feet: Freshly Picked + Giveaway!

photo credit: Freshly Picked
This week I'm so thrilled to be hosting a Freshly Picked giveaway on my Instagram account! As many of you know, I adore this company and Miles loves wearing his moccasins. They are made of the most wonderful soft yet durable leather and are so easy to get on and off (the trickiest part is getting Miles to even come to a complete stop so I can put them on his feet)! There are so many color and leather options, too. As a mama who loves shoes herself, I feel like these are such a fantastic choice for boys or girls and add the perfect finishing touch to any outfit (although shoes are always the focal point for me)!

In addition to the two pairs of moccs that are being given away on Instagram, I have decided to give away two additional pairs on my blog! To qualify to win, please fill out the Rafflecopter form below. Winners will be announced on Thursday!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

March 18, 2013

Make Up Your Mind Already

I am both a very decisive and indecisive person. Is that possible? To make up your mind and never look back, or to sometimes make up your mind and then kinda take quick peeks backward to make sure you're still happy with the decision you've made? I am constantly weighing options. Mostly about school, a lot of the time about shoes or hairstyles and sometimes relationships or family. For example, do I want more babies? The answer in my mind's Magic 8 ball right now is try again later. I am actually very much at peace with the fact that right now I do not want to try to get pregnant. 

For things like career, I've written before about being indecisive in that area. I find it a luxury that I can even be indecisive. I am wholeheartedly continuing my midwifery studies (because, after all, I love birth and I love the science behind it); meanwhile, I have other dreams. I'd love to design and produce a clothing line, or someday open a restaurant. I've had those dreams for years. Sometimes I feel like it's not okay to want to do so many things- this may be my trashy reality TV love talking, but don't the Real Housewives always get harassed for saying, "Oh, my store opens next week, my book is being released in the summer, and my new hit single will be out in the fall"? It almost seems like it's frowned upon to have your fingers in any more than one pie.

I'm taking it one day at a time, but always dreaming and planning and, of course, studying like crazy. I am taking two classes now and have three more starting in April. It's going to be a mad dash to the end of the semester, but I'm ready. 

And now, some photos from this last weekend. Whenever I see these I instantly feel joy and know that a few of my dreams have already come true.

I love his little face and all its expressions.
He's such a little charmer.
My guys. 
Walking with my boy.
He'd much rather push the stroller than be in it!

 Have a great week!

March 11, 2013

"Things Are Happening!"

The SATC girls are calm, cool, collected. A long weekend in NYC with my man? How lovely.
Liz Lemon/me: "New York- the land of infinite food options! Get a map and a pen- this is not a drill!"
I know, I know- more 30 Rock quotes. Apologies and condolences to those of you who have never watched. You definitely should give it a shot if not to enjoy it then to at least understand many of my quotes. (I am a big fan- I even brought along DVDs to the hospital when I was in labor with Miles. Not sure why... I guess I figured if a woman could have an orgasmic birth- which is a whole other topic and conversation- that I could laugh my way through it? Labor may not be the best time of sound logic.) Anyway, I like the show, and I've been thinking about it and all my other favorite shows based in New York because...drumroll... Parker and I are taking a long weekend there next month! I've never been (I know, horrifying) and can't wait to soak it up. I just know I'll love it. Parker knows too, and is worried that I'll want to move there. It may happen.

I immediately emailed my friend Chrystal, really the only true New Yorker I know, for information. She only scoffed a little at my first and only reservation (before talking to her) at Cipriani Downtown. I didn't know and this is part of the reason I love her- she knows all the good spots to eat and shop. Because as much as I tend to think that Liz Lemon is my spirit animal, I do have a bit a lot of a Carrie Bradshaw shoe thing going on.

This will be the longest I've ever been away from Miles, but I am so so excited to have a nice "grown-up" trip with Parker. It will be amazing, I just know it..

If you are a New Yorker or have visited before, what are your favorite spots? Priority goes to food and shopping, as you can tell.

Have a great week!

March 4, 2013

Foiled Again

This last weekend I was all over the place! Saturday was my brother's birthday so my mom, sisters, Miles, and I drove to Bakersfield and spent the afternoon with Ernie and my "brother from another mother", Corey. Miles had a blast walking all around their bachelor pad and figuring out how to unplug everything he possibly could. Ernie showed Miles how to use the Xbox controller and crawled with Miles up and down the stairs. It's always fun for me to see how my brother loves Miles and vice versa, especially since Ernie was mainly just my little pesky brother until a year or two ago. Seeing him living in another city so far away made me realize that we really are grown up. Well, mostly.

We decided to go get some dinner before heading home, so we went to Famous Dave's. There was a bit of a wait and Miles was already getting antsy, so I put Miles in the sling and we walked around the restaurant several times. He snuggled in happily and it made my heart happy to have him there with me.

On the drive home from Bakersfield, Miles was having a hard time falling asleep in the van and even though he had a bottle and a blanket, he was crying inconsolably until I turned around (my mom was driving), put my hand on his leg, and said, "Mama's here, honey. You can go to sleep and I'm right here." I gave him some reassuring pats for a few minutes and I watched him fall sound asleep. I know it doesn't seem like much, but it really made me feel good that Miles needed me in that way. The fact that he knows I'm there for him when he's tired but can't fall asleep, even though he's fallen asleep on his own so many nights before and for every night since. It just reminded me how much I love my independent boy but that I am right there, available for him whenever he needs me.

On Sunday, I drove to my grandparents' house in Santa Clarita to have my grandma color and cut my hair. It was a great day with her and I love my new 'do! I felt like I was having a real Kate Middleton moment and I kept sneaking looks in the mirror for the rest of the day.

I wound up staying in Santa Clarita later than I thought I would, but that meant I got to see my great-grandpa Cipriano at dinner and I hadn't seen him for a while so that was really special. I can't believe he is ninety-one years old- he certainly doesn't look like it and he was as charming as always!

I hope you all are having a great week!