February 26, 2011

Variation on a Theme- Wooden Heels

One of my favorite current shoe trends are wooden clogs with a high heel. Perfect for walking, oh-so-cute, with a salute to Mother Nature, you just can't go wrong! As fashion is coming around full circle once more, vintage finds are holding their own with more current clog styles.

I have two pair of Sven clogs- one of them is number 3 to the right, which I actually designed for myself during the Job of the Shoes and Sven is now displaying on their website!- and the only problem I find with them is deciding which ones I want to wear more.

Can you spot which of these clogs are vintage and which are new?

1. Dekalb Clog Sandal ($345) by Rachel Comey
2. Vintage Shoe with Wooden Heel ($40) from Aiseirigh
3. Leaf Punch High Heel Clog in Taupe ($225) by Sven
4. Vintage 40s T-Strap Clog ($300) from HoneycombVintage
5. T-Strap Clog in Honey ($245) from No.6 Store
6. Bohemian Leather Clogs ($44) from CraftyCrowVintage

Review my list of vintage and handmade clogs on Etsy here!
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I May Not Have the Smartest Pups on the Planet...

...but they are the cutest and bring me never-ending glee!

So the funniest thing happened, maybe ever. I let the dogs in because it's pouring rain outside. I'm in the living room reading this month's issue of Allure when I hear the trash can fall over in the kitchen. Gus and I peer around the corner to find Roscoe unable to enjoy his spoils... because the trash can lid was stuck on his head.

It must be the Chow in him.

(Is it bad that I stared, laughed for a minute, and took a picture before helping the poor boy out?)

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February 25, 2011

Coffee, Cream, and a Splash of Honey

I just finished spending this rainy afternoon putting together a list of vintage and handmade treasures I dug up on Etsy. One of my favorite accent colors to wear is a bright golden yellow- it adds the perfect pop to neutral ivory or chocolate browns. It's also helping promote a new vintage shop on Etsy- Love It Again 2 Times Vintage, created by my friend Candice's cousin Jackie Aguila. Candice's handmade rosette earrings are available through this shop and come in a countless variety of shades- the perfect accessory to brighten any outfit.

1. Edelweiss Hill Vintage White Blouse ($22) from VolenskaVintage

2. Bruno (sewn print) $20 from TastesOrangey
3. Vintage Yellow Justin Cowboy Boots ($65) from Vagabond4Beauty
4. Yellow Perforated Vintage Pumps ($18) from RagsandFeathers
5. Sunflower Leather Cuff Bracelet ($16) by Stacy Traynor
6. Rose Earrings in Canary ($4) by Candice for LoveIt2TimesVintage
7. Pretty in Polka Dots Vintage Dress ($60) from LoveIt2TimesVintage
8. Vintage Yellow Wool Blazer ($64) from SimpleThrift
9. Lemonade Earrings ($16) by CocoMatcha

You can see my full list of goodies on the Etsy Treasury here.
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February 12, 2011

Yay. Blerg. I Don't Know.

On particularly ill-fated mornings, I wake up feeling like Liz Lemon. (If you don't know who that is, call me and I will let you borrow 30 Rock immediately.) She has this inner fabulous self, I'm sure, but it's usually hidden behind Scrunchies (bad hair day), under over-sized sweats (not exactly feeling svelte- maybe I should go for a run), and somewhere between the first and third doughnut (oh, what's the point). She makes social faux pas and consequently finds solace in soft pretzels- are you seeing the connection? It's a good thing that Mr. Parker loves me just as I am and encourages me to put my best foot forward and make the best of each day, otherwise it would be ridiculously easy to make Liz Lemon days a daily occurrence.

It feels good to finally collapse in bed tonight. I've started a new job, and I'm really enjoying it. I also applied for an events management internship with Nike at their Santa Barbara office so it would be amazing if that worked out. During the Job of the Shoes, I was working sixty hours some weeks and now it's going down to less than twenty at less pay. I don't have anything else to do occupy my time right now while Mr. Parker is working so much, so in an attempt to offset my stir-craziness I'm going to have to either find some hobbies or another job. Maybe both.

Highlight of the Week: last Saturday, I witnessed something incredible. My first cousin (ever) was born. There was so much happening at the time- helping Verissa through her contractions as much as I could by holding her head up and keeping her forehead cool, feeling different emotions as I watched Tabitha and my grandma's face- a combination of elation and concern- and suppressing the urge to sing along to Mamma Mia, which was playing on the TV. When Bella was born, there was hugging and kissing and exclamations, but I couldn't get over how one minute she wasn't born, and the next minute there she was! In any case, she was perfectly beautiful and the whole thing was just...well, you know...amazing.
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February 1, 2011

Terry McConnell at the Lucmann Gallery

As many of you know, Coffee & Company is my go-to place for my daily caffeine fix. My friend Candice has done amazing things for this place in the year she has owned it- the Lucmann Gallery is one of those things. Each month she features a local artist's work; this month, Terry McConnell's original paintings, photography, art prints, and even a comic series line the walls and they are magnificent. If you're in the area this month, I encourage you to stop by and soak it all in.

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