February 25, 2011

Coffee, Cream, and a Splash of Honey

I just finished spending this rainy afternoon putting together a list of vintage and handmade treasures I dug up on Etsy. One of my favorite accent colors to wear is a bright golden yellow- it adds the perfect pop to neutral ivory or chocolate browns. It's also helping promote a new vintage shop on Etsy- Love It Again 2 Times Vintage, created by my friend Candice's cousin Jackie Aguila. Candice's handmade rosette earrings are available through this shop and come in a countless variety of shades- the perfect accessory to brighten any outfit.

1. Edelweiss Hill Vintage White Blouse ($22) from VolenskaVintage

2. Bruno (sewn print) $20 from TastesOrangey
3. Vintage Yellow Justin Cowboy Boots ($65) from Vagabond4Beauty
4. Yellow Perforated Vintage Pumps ($18) from RagsandFeathers
5. Sunflower Leather Cuff Bracelet ($16) by Stacy Traynor
6. Rose Earrings in Canary ($4) by Candice for LoveIt2TimesVintage
7. Pretty in Polka Dots Vintage Dress ($60) from LoveIt2TimesVintage
8. Vintage Yellow Wool Blazer ($64) from SimpleThrift
9. Lemonade Earrings ($16) by CocoMatcha

You can see my full list of goodies on the Etsy Treasury here.
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