December 10, 2009

I'd Really Love to Blog More, But I'm Otherwise Engaged

Parker and I are engaged! Well, we have been for a week now. But, you see, when a wedding is less than a month away, a girl doesn't really have too much time to blog. Check out our wedding website, drop us a line, or better yet- come to the wedding! January 9th, 2010 is the big day!


November 29, 2009

Christmas Has Been Called

Although Parker called Christmas officially on my birthday, I think it's only been a few days now that it's really felt like the wintery, blissful time that is the Christmas season. Lights have gone up, the trees are out, the weather is definitely crisp and cold in the evenings, and when I take a walk outside I can see and smell the smoke coming out of neighborhood chimneys. It's glorious, really. And to think that the reason for which Christmas was intended is for so much more than presents and lights, as great as those are. 

Christmas has different tasks for me this year than years previously, since Parker has a house now! Soon, the decorations will be coming out and he'll be getting a real tree. I've already started using my holiday-themed candles when I'm at the house to help the cause, and he bought a baby Christmas tree which we named Wall-E. It's such a perfect house for all the cozy aspects of Christmas!

Today when I went to the house, my mom came over for a nice glass of Dr. Pepper and to chat for a bit (also, she repaired a pesky light fixture that no one else could figure out, so that was extremely helpful and awesome). She noticed as we were talking that we had a visitor in the backyard, which turned out to be a pretty and friendly dog. We went outside to introduce ourselves, and the dog was very happy just trotting in the grass and sniffing around, but we convinced her to leave (although keeping her crossed my mind). 

After that, we talked some more about the first night that Parker was moving in. That night I was fastening some cute outlet covers (it's amazing to me at this point in my life just how excited I am about outlet covers; they just pull a room together), accidentally moved a wire and after a zap- poof- the lights were out. We had to call Mr. Dave Way to the scene where he heroically (to us) proceeded to fix the damage while marveling and saying, "What retards!" to the electrical setup of said outlet. The funny thing was, right after he left, we had a problem with the plumbing...sigh. But it's all good, because Casa de Parker (the official name for the house is yet to be decided- suggestions? Mine so far is the Blue Bayou) is wonderful, and you don't need to be afraid to use the light switch or the bathroom because both work fine now. 

Did I mention how strange to me it is to be so interested in all matters home and garden? I'm feeling very domesticated, but awesome at the same time because we're pretty much doing everything ourselves and it's a nice sense of accomplishment to look around and know that it's our own hard work that has made the house a home. Although, where painting is concerned, we did have help from great friends, and it looks great! The previous owner seemed to just adore yellow- yellow kitchen, yellow living room, yellow hallway- but now it seems a lot warmer which two shades of chocolate and a light blue. I love it.

Pictures should be coming soon!


November 17, 2009


It's my birthday! I'm officially out of the teens and into that mysterious decade known as the 20s...and I think I like it. Last night my friends and I gathered at Chef Rick's for my birthday dinner, and it was fabulous! I walked in and there was a long table set up with flowers, candles, balloons, and "Happy 20th Birthday, Veralynn!" printed on the menus. Chef Rick sent out some scrumptious coconut shrimp appetizers for us and soon after there were a moments of happy silence as we all began eating. Brittany and Gabby had never had Chef Rick's before so I was excited to see what they thought of my favorite restaurant- the reviews were all positive! 
There were definitely a couple highlights of the evening for me. I think my favorite part of the night was when everyone was singing to me- it was just so happy to hear their voices and see them smiling and just thank God that we're all friends. Later on, Parker came by after he got off work and- dun dun dun- he held Adelaide! This is something that's been in the works for a while but now he can say that he's held a baby and she survived. I just thought the whole thing was adorable, even if Parker looked way less than thrilled. To top things off, Mikey and his lady friend bought me Domo car dice and a Domo energy drink! It was just too much awesomeness in one sitting.
After Chef Rick's, I met Tanya, Ashley, Brittany, and Gabby over at Starbucks for warm drinks and the Christmas atmosphere (yay!). We proceeded to talk about all kinds of things, laugh about even more things, and eventually piled into Tanya's car once Starbucks closed. I left at midnight and drove home, climbed into my cozy bed and chatted with my man on Facebook. Just as we said goodnight and I started to fall asleep, my phone buzzed twice with two different Facebook statuses from Tanya and Ashley saying that Tanya's car battery had died in the 'Bucks parking lot! (Remember this is after one in the morning...) So I called Parker, picked him up (where he promptly told me my Domo dice were illegally displayed from my rearview mirror. Poor Domo, he didn't know!), and we drove to Betteravia where we tried to revive Tanya's car, to no avail. Parker then used his connections to get SMPD to help, and they did-with success! After saying goodnight to Parker one more time, I drove home and sat outside for a little bit in hopes of seeing a meteor or two...and I did see some! It was a lovely end to the evening, but my actual birthday is just starting! We'll see how that goes! :)


October 21, 2009

Chiclets and Chick Lit.

Did you know that Chiclets are selling for between ten and twenty dollars on Amazon? Just for gum! It's silliness, really- the point is, lately I've been having this major sweet tooth for things that aren't readily available. Like Chiclets and germknodel (Edelweiss, Edelweiss, I will love you forever)...and krapfen (shown below)- three cheers for Bavaria! Y-u-m.
What better to do with a delicious pastry then to enjoy it with the company of my latest literary finds? (Imaginary krapfen in hand, book in the other...) Yesterday, I raided the Santa Maria Library of any interesting chick lit. I could find. Sadly, there wasn't much- but I hunted, I searched, and I triumphed with a stack of books in my arms as I carefully made my way back to the car. Now, I will shamelessly admit that I only picked these books based on their covers (gasp), but so far I am not disappointed.


October 19, 2009

Retreats! Protests! ...and Scones!

Hello, old friend Blog! It's been a while. I've just been so absorbed in October and all its autumn-y offerings (pumpkin scones! Thank you Starbucks!) that I just haven't sat down to write! Now I have a bit of a stockpile, and that's good for both of us. 

So Parker is in escrow on a house. And it is the loveliest little home. It's cozy, attractive, and amiable- just like a Parker house should be. I've decided I'm going to name it the Love Shack. I wish I could name it Brick House...but it isn't made of brick. Ha. It's south of Betteravia (like Parker wanted), it has a nice kitchen (like I wanted), and an absolutely wonderful backyard. It has two apple trees, a big olive tree in the center of the yard, and lots of shade. Flowers and gnomes also abound, but Parker intends to use the gnomes for target practice if they're still inhabiting the backyard when he arrives (Michael Shaw, intervene!). I don't want to see them go, because the gnomes were what told me that this house was the One. But never mind. The house is great. (If by any chance Parker doesn't get this house- darn real estate market/mayor- you may kindly disregard this paragraph.)

Also in October was the Women's Retreat in Montecito. Yeah, where Oprah lives. I was definitely the youngest person there, but I was not disappointed at all. The ladies at our church can be gracious, hilarious, and great teachers, even if they don't realize it. For the first time, I got to know these women a bit more; what their personal struggles are, what their lives are apart from Sunday mornings. The speakers and workshops were insightful and relevant about what God has for all women and how we can and need to include Him in everything we do. And when it was time for games at the end of the I can tell you I laughed until I cried every time we played games, probably multiple times. I'm going to try and get more people to go next time- it was awesome. 

Right now I am a busy bee- I have a personal assistant job, a nanny job, and a tutoring job at the moment. My Santa Barbara Police Dispatcher is a week from tomorrow, and I'm excited to say the least. I think I'd be a good dispatcher. I'm praying about it lots, because it's a big job.

Today I saw a protest on the corner of Betteravia and Miller. It was a group of old people protesting our current presidential administration. So I stopped and talked with them for a while, and one lady broke down- she was that upset. She said she wished young people would open up their eyes and realize where this country is going. It was definitely some food for thought.

Well, I have more to write but it'll have to wait a little while longer. Until then!


October 4, 2009

Oh, Twitter Dee Dum- It's Finally Autumn!

So I'm not sure how many of you guys Twitter, but I'm giving it a try. It seems like the whole world's doing it, and no wonder- it's a shorter, more convenient way to communicate with everyone all at once! If you do have Twitter, send something my way- @vmo1117.
Three weeks ago the Late Service celebrated its first birthday, and I was invited by the guys for something of a keyboard victory lap to contribute to the festivities. It was a great feeling to be back on stage with the guys (I'm still waiting for the "Veralynn and the Guys" tee, James!) and play some great songs celebrating the real reason we're at church for the third or fourth time each Sunday- and no, the answer isn't Justin's voice! Anyway, Ashley took some great pictures- I've never liked pictures of me more! 

 Right now I've got one internet browsing window open whose only job is to stay on and serenade me with Relient k's new album Forget and Not Slow Down.  To be truthful, I had no idea they had new music coming out until about a month ago. Now, I can't get enough of this new side of one of my favorite bands. Grab a copy and listen for yourselves. "Over It" is my favorite song for the piano alone. The music is so emotionally charged and I love how it's used to convey as much meaning as the words themselves. "Oasis" is one of the most dreamy, floating and longing forty seconds I've ever heard, and one of my favorite pastimes of Relient k- old school vocal harmonies! The fact that the record is a bit disjointed in its progression is a truthful replica of the various stages we go through in grief and healing. From quiet, heart-heavy sorrow to pure, raw emotion- it's beautiful. Here's to hoping they'll release a few more Christmas songs this year!

For those of you fellow Santa Marians, it is definitely turning into scarves and sweater weather! I love it! The wind has that fall-like crispness I so enjoy. Perfect for sitting by a window, wrapped in a blanket and happy thoughts.
Happy October!


August 28, 2009

Hittin' the Books...and the Weight Room?

Fall semester is here again! This autumn I'm taking a break from a full course schedule and just taking two classes at night- academic satisfaction and convenience all in one nice pricey bundle. Spanish has never been a language that I've wanted to learn, but I'm diving into it this semester probably from a sense of guilt. I mean, Spanish should be the official language of Santa Maria, and it would be helpful for any job I get here. Add that to the fact that it will be moderately easy to pick up with the final touch of my long-lasting love of languages, and there lies my logic in taking Spanish. Even better is the fact that I absolutely enjoy my classmates, and that class meets only once a week! My other course is Women in Public Safety. It's a pre-academy class for people looking into careers in police, EMS, firefighting, or similar careers. I'm not sure if this is exactly what I'm pursuing as a career, but it'll get me into pretty fine shape and at the very least I'll have a better appreciation for all the men and women who have careers in public safety. My dad is also taking the class with me, so that makes it more fun because we joke and give each other funny looks during class. He's the only guy taking the course, so that adds a dynamic I think is really hilarious (To Dad: "You're the ugliest chick I've ever seen!"). Last night, we had to stand up and give our introductions and I thought Dad would die from estrogen-overload, but we made it through alive. It's time to start really working out and eating right because one of the requirements for the class is to be doing the Law Enforcement Academy Workout (To which Parker said, and I quote: "Ha. Haha. Hahaha.")! I'm pretty excited to see how this semester will go and how far I can push myself, and maybe discover if this is a career path I could possibly take.
On a side (but nevertheless important) note, Parker left me all this week to go to training down in Burbank and I missed him ever-so-much but now he's back! So that's good. Sometimes maybe time apart is good for us, but I genuinely dislike it. There's nothing like watching How I Met Your Mother and chatting with my man at the end of a long day. Talking over the phone is just not the same- plus, we always mishear each other and start getting irritated before we realize what the other person has actually said. Oh wait- that's just me. Anyway, I hope to see him tonight since it would be the perfect end to a long day. Sigh. That and my quart of Cold Stone's.


August 15, 2009

Summer Tales

I can't believe summer is already almost over. It seems like everyone was just getting out of school, and now everyone's dragging themselves back to Wal-Mart for their fall school supplies! I've spent most of the summer behind the counter in Pismo Beach, renting summer fun and enjoying local eats from all the tasty restaurants near the Pier. When I haven't been at work though, I've been having fun times with friends and family. Some of the highlights:

1. Nine month-iversary with Parker- here's the shirt I got him!
2. Random hangouts with Mikey3. Seeing The Ugly Truth with Deja4. Late-night Applebees with Parker, Michael, and Farah

5. Going to the gym with Dad and Ernie

6. Having Uncle Rob, Grandpa John, and Grandma Joyce visiting from Tennessee

It's been a pretty great summer, and I'm hoping for an even more amazing fall (since that means my birthday is getting closer and closer!)


August 1, 2009

Sherlock Academy

Since starting this job in Pismo, my weekend tends to be in the middle of the week, but last night Parker and I lived it up and went to Farah's Sherlock Academy book release party! It was perfect, with games, friends, and new acquaintances. The author even read from the first chapter of the book, and though Parker stole away with my copy I plan on doing some detective work to retrieve it right away.

July 19, 2009


July has more family/friend birthdays in it than any other month in the year for me. So, I thought I'd give each of them a shout-out for...being alive and awesome. :)

Uncle Rob- July 2nd
Funny, a football fanatic, with the coolest living room ever, Uncle Rob cares about his family and loves the Tennessee life. He's way taller than his older sister (I guess we have to be resigned to our fates, right Mom?)

(Aunt) Tabitha- July 7th
Ever-trendy, Tabitha can be relied on for all things fashion, hair, and makeup- with a dose of her philosophies on life, she brings laughter to everyone!

Michael M. Parker- July 11th
Charming, witty, and ever-so-good-looking, he keeps the peace and manages to find time in his busy life to spend with me! He's my Disneyland man, the one I have all the inside jokes with, the one I quote movies to, the one who makes my heart flutter with a smile (I had to put something lovey-dovey in here, come on). He's just plain awesome.

Krystine- July 14th
My youngest sister and second youngest sibling, Krystine makes the funniest faces and often makes the whole family laugh with her accidental comments and klutziness. She's strong and pretty and I don't think she's allowed to grow up as fast as she is.

Mom- July 18th
Everything's under control when she's at the helm. She somehow pulls off keeping five kids and Dad clothed, fed, and well-behaved (in public, at least!). She loves denim and Birkenstocks, Trader Joe's and things organic...but she's not a hippie. She's also the one who got me hooked on Del Taco and Dr. Pepper- blame her!

Happy Birthday!


July 10, 2009

Summer Delirium

Summer is great in Santa Maria. The weather is perfect, there's fresh produce to be had (even though I don't really like fruit I love fresh berries), and there's plenty of options for fun outings with friends.
In the last two or three weeks I've been to two shows and seen seven bands, two of which are on my top twenty favorite musical groups/artists: mewithoutYou and Stephen Christian (of Anberlin and Anchor & Braille). I wouldn't say that Anberlin or Anchor & Braille are necessarily some of my favorite groups, though- I really just enjoy Stephen's vocals and lyrics. MewithoutYou definitely has some of the most interesting lyrics- not trite at all, they get you thinking and actually reference the Old Testament's teachings (although in the photo of me and the lead singer, he doesn't look very enthusiastic!). Anyway, Downtown Brew in SLO has a great summer lineup, and I'm really glad I got to meet the guys from these bands! I love live music so much- the energy and sound of a well-played chord or vocals at perfect pitch and harmony is almost like Christmas morn
ing for me (no comment from you, Parker). It's even more fun when a group of friends go together and experience the craziness together. What I liked about this show was that it was on a Thursday night which meant that the Farmer's Market in SLO was in full swing, with food and snacks and Dr. Pepper (although the Dr. Pepper was harder to find!) aplenty. Good times all around.

The 4th of July was spent mostly with dune buggies and customers. It was my first time working an eleven-hour day, and it actually wasn't too bad. It does always seem like the last two hours are the slowest, though! After work, I stopped by church for a little while but soon left to go home and flop contentedly into bed.
Other than that, life has been pretty easygoing. I'm going to take classes at Hancock this semester and I'll have to take Spanish (even though I don't really want to), but it should be fine. I'm still loving the car (now affectionately- or should I say accidentally- dubbed "the Rabbi" by Gabby), and- last but not least...
It's someone's birthday tomorrow! :)

June 20, 2009

The Adventures of Shuttle Girl...and The Proposal.

So the last couple weeks have pretty much filled themselves with work, Parker, Disneyland, and work...with a tad bit of car, tacos- and more work. I don't know if you all realize this, but China Bowl has the best tacos in town. How ironic is that? They are absolutely delicious- never mind the fact that Parker says while eating there you can get your taco fix and drug fix at the same time. Sure, it shares a parking lot with a shady-looking motel, but that's part of the excitement, isn't it? Anyway, if you haven't had them, I suggest you hop in your car and drive there immediately. Oh, and a bonus! They are open until 2 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays! Although, I don't think I would go there at that time of night without an armed police officer...oh wait.

Tacos aside (and how sad I am to put them aside, even for a minute- they're that good), work has been going very well. I've gotten to work in the store and the beach plenty of times now, and I think I actually prefer working on the beach, if only for the fact that while I don't get to sit down really at all, I constantly have something to do and am interacting with lots of different people. Today was one of the scariest things ever- driving an F-350 Ford truck with a broken indicator needle- I had no way of telling what gear I was in! Also, remembering to change from four to two-wheel drive was an adventure in and of itself. I panicked for a minute but thankfully a kindly old gentleman guided me in the 7-11 parking lot in Grover Beach and after that I was okay. I called Grandma Joyce too and just ranted my panic for a minute, who listened to me patiently and encouraged me, like she usually does. By the end of the day, I was definitely glad to drive away in my nice, little Volkswagen.

On Monday, Parker and I went to Disneyland for the last time until Fall- and to be truthful, I'm glad that we're not going anymore in the summer! It was the most crowded it's ever been- we were parked on the top of the parking structure, and Pirates of the Caribbean had an actual 30-minute wait! We did actually go on a few rides, ate in our favorite places, and shopped. Yay for Disneyland license plate frames! This trip to Disneyland is the fifth time we've gone in the seven months Parker and I have been lovebirds, and it never gets old.

Last night I did something I haven't done for a while- go on a date-like activity by myself. Let me explain this a little. When I was living in Germany, I decided to treat myself to lunch on Valentine's Day. In a restaurant full of happy couples, I was lunching away and trying not to notice when I was given a dozen roses and a marriage proposal by a tall, wiry Albanian man who didn't speak a bit of English (his friend translated the marriage proposal for me!). I then and there decided that I wouldn't do something like that again...well, I haven't for a year or so. Last night I was itching to get out of the house so I tried to persuade Tanya to go see The Proposal with me, but she wasn't persuaded- even by my good looks and killer charm. I decided at the last second I would go anyway. So, off I went- no marriage proposals for Veralynn this time (American boys obviously don't have as much gusto). It was here I made a new rule- I am allowed to go see movies by myself if the movie is a romantic comedy, or has Johnny Depp in it (I'm only saying that because I want to see Public Enemies... or maybe other reasons). Anyway, the movie was okay- being a girl, I felt there was too much conflict and not enough lovey-dovey, and I got bored halfway through and almost walked out. I'm glad I didn't.

I'm really excited I have tomorrow off- it isn't often now that Parker and I have the same days free. :)


June 12, 2009

California Livin'

Lately I've felt like a total California girl. For one, it's summertime and the weather here is something generally envied by everyone who doesn't live in California. The other reasons are new to my life. Want to hear them? I knew you did...

Firstly, I got a job! What's more, a full-time job in Pismo Beach! I can't imagine a better job at this time in my life. I get paid to work in a store with the Pacific almost right outside the door, and sometimes actually working right from the beach. What am I doing? I'm working for a company that rents dune buggies and ATVs to people wanting to ride on the Oceano Dunes. They've been featured on the Travel Channel's Extreme Playtime, MTV, and Rolling Stone (voted Best Near-Death Experience...haha)- based in Las Vegas with this store in Pismo. I get to help run the retail store on the Pismo strip, shuttle people to and from the store to the beach, and help people with their rental paperwork so they can get from the store to the fun as soon as possible. I've already gotten to meet some pretty awesome people
, and part of my training was to take a dune buggie on a ride around the dunes, just to try it out! It was seriously one of the most fun things I've ever done. The dunes are crazy and unpredictable- that combined with the ocean view (there were a bunch of dolphins in sight!) and breeze...some serious fun. Can you believe I found this job on Craigslist?Secondly, I got a car! It's pretty...a 2008 Volkswagen Rabbit. I love it so much. Parker may say that's because I'm a hippie, and that may or may not be true.The only downer in this story is that because I got this job and have a car payment now (isn't it great being a grown-up?), I have to quit Late Service. I'll definitely miss the Del Taco laughs and the other banditos, as Jason calls them...but for now it must be done. Of course I'm still an ever-ardent Late Service lover and plan on being at Late Service as much as possible, even if I can't play with the band. :(

What else is new? Well, today I cleaned and totally rearranged my room. I am definitely satisfied with the way just moving my furniture gives my room a whole new feel. Feng Shui? Maybe... maybe not.

The only other news of note is that in a little over a month the Grandparents Modert and Uncle Rob arrive from the East (also known as Tennessee)- and on Monday, Parker and I are going to Disneyland! This makes five times in a seven-month span (seven-monthiversary on Sunday!) never gets old. Ooh, and Parker and I are getting matching Disn
eyland license plate frames! Alrighty, time to hang with the old man (Dad).

May 26, 2009

"Wouldn't You Like a Nice, Cool Glass of Lemonade?"

A weird title, I know. Since summer is coming, lately I've been thinking about summery things- like swimming, roadtrips...and lemonade. Sometimes you pour yourself a glass and it's perfectly sweet with just the right tang; sometimes you take a sip and your face automatically crinkles up from the sourness (at least I do- am I the only one?). So now imagine me saying philosophically, "Life is like a glass of lemonade..." Well, that's kinda how I feel! I mean, when you get that sour sip of lemonade, summer itself is still great, right? And the perfect glass makes it all the more sweet.
That's the refreshing thing about knowing that God is in control of it all- when I feel that friends have let me down, that maybe my life isn't going exactly as it was planned a year or two ago (actually a great thing when I think about it), I'm restless for life to "get started"...I can trust that God has it all under control and that He wants me to make the most of my life now, a life that's already in full swing and with more sweetness than I could ever imagine or deserve.


May 16, 2009


This blog has everything to do with halves. How, you may wonder?

Well firstly, Parker and I have been in a relationship for half a year (so happy)! These last six months have been just wonderful- he is wonderful. He balances, challenges, encourages, and takes care of me in the most amazing ways. He cheers me up when I'm sad, and is patient with me when I'm being testy. I love seeing all the cool little ways we're starting to fit together- like when we were at B. Dalton yesterday and Parker says, "I'm getting you a present, so don't look at the books I'm carrying 'cause I don't want you to see!" We continue browsing through the store, and while he's at the cashier paying for the books I see one that catches my interest. I hold it up and say, "Hey, did you see this? This is so cool!" And...that's the book he got me! I love it! I love it when we're in the grocery store, or Wal-Mart, or anywhere really and he'll just start dancing with me. I love when he takes the long way driving to a restaurant so we'll have more time together. There's so many things! God has just blessed me with such a caring friend (and boyfriend) in Parker.

Next, Sunday is my half-birthday! So only six months until my birthday (I do love that glorious day...)! I should be one of those people who celebrates their half-birthday, or maybe just once, to see what it's like to have a birthday in the sunny first half of the year.

Sadly, I had a fantastic job for half a month. This makes me oh-so-sad, since I genuinely loved the job and the kids I was working with. It turns out that they need people who can be entirely flexible in their availability and lived in Santa Barbara and that just couldn't be me, since I was attached to the bus schedule and live in Santa Maria.

Last but not in the least bit insignificant, while riding a bike, I got hit by a car...halfway to Ashley and Jason's house! So, my family has been gone on vacation this week (I didn't go because supposedly I had work!) and I've been at home with no car. I was planning to go to Ashley's house but didn't want to walk, so I decided to ride one of Ernie's bikes (bad idea- I won't do that again...actually, probably never ride a bike again...) Simple enough, right? Well, everything was going great- I'm pedaling along, enjoying the beautiful day, when BAM! I feel getting hit from behind and next thing I know I'm lying on the ground looking at the sky. I don't remember falling. A little dazed and confused, I sit up and realize that no one had bothered to stop! I had been laying there for at least five to ten minutes- what, did people driving by think I was taking a nap? I call Parker and tell him what happened, and he immediately drives to pick me up and take me to Urgent Care. Those people are very leisurely until you tell them you were hit by a car...anyway, I got a CAT scan and basically a drunk test (with Parker chuckling behind the doctor), meanwhile being asked almost a hundred times if there was any possibility I could be preggo...oy vay. I walked out with the comfort of knowing I had a mild concussion and the sadness of not knowing the license plate of the car who hit me. If I had known, I would've probably been able to pay for college...


May 7, 2009

Oh, The Places I'll (Hopefully) Go!

So, on Morgan's blog she asked if you could only go five places, what places would you choose? I hadn't ever really thought of that before, but here were my answers (since some of you who read my blog might not read Morgan's):

1) Paris- I just have always wanted to go. French bread, a book, street musicians, and the Eiffel Tower? Oh yes.
2) Sydney- I want to check out the opera house, see if there is a 42 Wallaby Way...
3) New York City- Yay! Museums, art galleries, music, theater...not to mention all kinds of different places to eat...
4) China- I don't know why, but I've always wanted to go to China!
5) Moscow- A combination of my little sisters' being Russian (sparked interest), a cool language, and great buildings (I've seen pictures)!

...and probably in that order! The cool thing about this question is that it helps me out a little bit because I was just about to blog about one of my life goals, which is that every year I need to travel to at least one country I haven't visited yet. Last year was Germany and Austria. This year, I haven't quite decided yet but do need to make up my mind! The year is already almost half over (which is crazy!) and I don't have any plans as of yet, but trust me, I'm thinking about it.


April 30, 2009

Up With (or Even Before) the Sun

As aforementioned in a previous blog, I started my new job this week. While I love this job immensely (more on that later), it's been super hard adjusting to my new schedule of waking up at 4:30 in the a.m. for work. Combine that with me trying to keep my normal bedtime of eleven or midnight, and you've got one sleepy Veralynn. This afternoon after work, I was so tired I accidentally fell asleep at McDonald's after barely resting my head on my hand (the TV in the restaurant was tuned into CNN though, so that could be a contributing factor). This led me to the conclusion that I need more sleep. So ta da! I'm going to bed at 10 p.m. instead of midnight or later.

I've made a small pro list (instead of a pros and cons- I just need the pros here, to cheer me up and convince myself that waking up at such an indecent hour is worthwhile) of reasons I could possibly enjoy my early morning rides:

  1. Each morning I see the Pacific Ocean, it brings a smile to my face.
  2. The scenery other than the ocean is also quite beautiful and really helps me appreciate the area of the world I live in.
  3. I can listen to at least one full Master's College podcast on my iPod and/or do a devotional on the way.
  4. Lots of time for morning prayer.
  5. Seeing on-duty Parker at the airport before I have to get on the bus.
So that's that! Tomorrow is Friday, and while I love all the kids I've met so far...I'm not going to lie- I'm looking forward to sleeping in on Saturday.


April 29, 2009

An Emotional Experience

I don't know about any of you, but for me, getting a haircut is an emotional experience. I'm very attached to my hair (well, not just literally) and I don't like anyone cutting except my grandma. Well, visits to the Grandma Leos salon are getting to be fewer and fewer, especially with my new job- so I decided to go out on a limb. It was spur-of-the-moment, which is good because if I had much more time to think about it, I probably would've talked myself right on out of it. But I didn't! And I'm glad.

As soon as I walked into the salon and met Yvette (great name), I trusted her. Mostly because her hair looked fabulous, and also because when she said she could do my hair about three or four women said, "Oh, she's so good." She just gives off a good vibe, one that says, "You can trust me with your hair." (Don't judge- I love my locks!)

So anyway, off I went into the chair, with Yvette at the helm. Right away she said, "I think you'd look great with bangs."

Whoa there, missy.

I've had a love/hate relationship with bangs ever since I was little, usually more hate than love- a
nd 90% of the time after the fact my hair would be pushed up in a headband. But there was Yvette, looking so...confident. So I said okay. And as she combed the hair into place, scissors poised, I winced a little inside- what if I hated it?

Snip, snip.
Too late.

But as she whirled me around to look at my new 'do in the mirror, I took a moment to absorb and decided that I was happy! Yvette was right, she was wonderful, and my hair looked great. So now I'm sporting bangs. I feel like Anne Hathaway in The Devil Wears Prada- not because I have a horrible job with the boss from you-know-where, but in that I have amazing hair after a fab makeover.


April 28, 2009

Ridiculously Blessed

So I'm finally one of those people who looks forward to and can truly say they love work! I started my first day at MyGym yesterday, and even though it requires me to wake up ridiculously early (could possibly be a good thing) and take the bus to Santa Barbara (also possibly a good thing- time to think and prepare myself for the day), I am already in love with my new job. Besides the fact that while waiting for work to start I saw the amazing Trainer Bob running heartily through the streets of Santa Barbara (oh it was great!), my new coworkers are a great group who seem to genuinely care about each other and are like a big group of siblings. I can't wait to get to know them better. Also, this job is constantly busy and fun at the same time, which is the best thing! Even though it was only my first day, I can tell you that I'm going to love it.


April 24, 2009

The Happiest Kind of Days...

...have lately been at Disneyland. This last Monday was the third time Parker and I have been to Disneyland together. We have a bit of a routine now- leave early, drive (and sing) through Santa Barbara, stop in Ventura for Starbucks; take a small detour to get some pretzels from the Rockenwagner bakery (so delicious- they taste just like the ones I enjoyed daily in Germany), and then make our way to the Magic Kingdom.

I love how leisurely and fun it is for Parker and I to walk around and form a plan as we first get into the park. Our two "must-rides" are Pirates of the Caribbean and the Haunted Mansion. The second time we went, we only rode three rides (it was super busy)! This time around, we tripled the amount of rides- this could be because it was over a hundred degrees and people just decided it wasn't worthwhile to stand in line...I felt a little bit that way myself, but we stuck it out. Then later on in the day, we eat dinner at the Rainforest Cafe and then head back to the park to enjoy the cooler evening weather and see the fireworks if we're there at the right time.

I love being at Disneyland with my man. These are some of the best kinds of days!

Oh, For the Love of Books!

Today I was looking around my room at all the books I have and thinking about some of my favorite literary characters. I have more than a few, but one in particular that I was pondering over today.

So, I don't know how many people who read my blog have read the whole Anne of Green Gables series, but you should know that it's my favorite book series ever. This is partially because I've never really read any other book series, but mostly because I love all of the books and have read them all more times than I can count. My favorite book of the series is Anne of the Island- this could be because this particular chapter of Anne's life is the one I'm in right now: college, thinking about future goals and dreams, educational aspirations, etc. This book is also my favorite because in it you will find the introduction of Phillipa Gordon, fabulous character #1. She is a lot like me in that she is a little vain (like she is always making sure her hair is perfect, she knows the boys love her...), but is happiest with verbal confirmation from others of her own opinions about her looks. She's indecisive but perfectly happy with her choices, because she always makes the right one. She wins two major academic scholarships to show her man that she's not only pretty but also "enormously clever". She's an aspiring domestic goddess but faces multiple obstacles in the kitchen, like me... Her man adores her despite all of her shortcomings and personality quirks (also like me! Sigh.) I love her.

Aren't books the best? I admire anyone who can write a believable character with such feelings, emotions, and imperfections to where I can imagine them being just the sort of person I'd have as a friend in real life.


April 13, 2009

All Jumbled Up

This last weekend has been so confusing! Starting Thursday with the Maundy Thursday service- afterwards the Late Service crew had practice from around 8:15 to 10:45 p.m.! That's kinda what started throwing me off, since we usually just have practice Sunday afternoons. Then Saturday night we had a special Late Service (the Holy Saturday Service) which had me thinking it was Sunday...and then after Late Service Jason, Justin, and I practiced for the Easter Sunrise Service, which was Sunday morning at 6 a.m.!
Easter morning my alarm clock went off at 4:30 and I sat up and said groggily, "" I drove over to the church with Dad at around 5:15 and started setting up for the service. On-duty Parker was already at the church so that was great (and weird- I'm not used to waking up while he's still working!) and a group of people scurried back and forth from the church setting up chairs and getting the portable sound system set up...and lugging my keyboard outside (thanks, Jason and Collin!)...then Greg came with Starbucks for Jason, Justin, and I (which was amazing and much-needed!).
As the service started, it was encouraging to see how many people decided to wake up so early on a weekend morning to worship God, outside and in the cold. It was even more encouraging to see the people who came early to help set up chairs, put them away, and have breakfast ready after the service. (It was funny to see the looks people gave us driving by, and funnier when they decided to make faces and wave...) My favorite part was hearing everyone worship and hearing the music as the sun started coming up over the church and over the hills in the far distance. It was the joy of knowing the resolution of the Easter story, and knowing that we're forgiven because of God's love for us.
Later, the grandparents Leos came for the 11 a.m. service and lunch. They got to meet Parker before he went home to sleep, and gave their thumbs-up. And then we did the normal ritual: go back to our house, situate on the couch, watch golf, and nap. Good times.
Easter ended with my family together around the table, laughing and talking with slices of pizza in hand. I mentioned being confused because of all the services and that it didn't feel like a Sunday, to which Ernie said, "Well, at least you know tomorrow's Tuesday." And I actually had to think about it! Oy. Thankfully, today I'm back on schedule and know what day of the week it is.


April 8, 2009

For the Moments I Feel Faint

This week has been completely weird. A bit dizzying and confusing, and painful. It all started on Sunday morning. I had to walk out of the sanctuary during first service because my allergies were acting up (they still are) and I was coughing. I was scheduled to play my flute with the children's choir, and I wondered how I would be able to pull off the song with a plugged nose and an itchy throat. As the service closed, I put my flute together and sat on the second row, mentally thinking through the song like I usually do. Then I got a text message from Ashley that completely caught me off guard- my allergies and song were the last thing on my mind. Jason's brother Jeremy had died. She asked me to tell James, so I ran to tell him and then back to the sanctuary. As we sang the hymns before the offertory, my eyes watered up despite me sternly reminding myself that I was about to play my flute and could not let myself lose it. I walked to stand behind the pianist, and I just felt weak in the knees. My lip quivered, which is the worst. I just wanted to get through the song, but my mind was in a whirlwind and my heart hurt. What do Jason and Ashley need? Maybe I can help watch Tyler. Where's Tanya, does she know? Do they need us? I can't imagine how they're feeling. Maybe we should bring Del Taco. Those were all thoughts running through my mind. (Yes, I think Del Taco is a cure-all...) The children sang, "Fairest Lord Jesus" and as the song ended I couldn't wait to get out of the sanctuary and find Tanya so we could figure out what to do. We wound up going to lunch with my family and Mr. E and getting some Del Taco for Jason and Ashley. There was a difference I could feel as I stepped into their house on Sunday afternoon- a difference from just the night before when a group of us got together to watch a movie. Stephen, Jason, and I were walking to the convenience store in Old Orcutt and Jason was telling us about how just a couple days prior he got to hang out with Jeremy and chat, just the two of them. We watched the movie, happy. We talked quietly on Sunday, different.

I didn't really know Jeremy. I saw him a lot in passing at Jason and Ashley's. Sometimes he was with our group of friends that would go out to Applebee's for dinner on a random weeknight. I do know that he loved ice cream. And he came to Late Service a few times- he'd stand on the stairs by the stage and talk to Jason afterwards- the very first time I met him we talked about the music and I was happy he liked it. He just seemed like a calm, nice guy who cared about his family and friends. I never heard him say anything negative. And always with a carton of ice cream, but so thin! I guess that's what I remember most about him.

For some reason, I don't know how to handle death and people I know dying. I mean, their body is here but they aren't? Where did they go? I mean, I know about souls and what the Bible says about where we go when we physically die, but I don't understand it. Maybe no one really does. I've never really had anyone really close to me die, which is a blessing. I can't imagine losing a brother. It hurts just thinking about it. And it hurts thinking about Jeremy. A small part I think is because he was someone who, although I didn't know very well, I did see pretty consistently over the last months and I just can't wrap my mind around him not being here. Mostly I think it's because I love Jason and Ashley, and Tyler- I hate seeing friends hurting, and there isn't anything anyone can do to fix this. It's one of the things that heals with time, and I don't know how to deal with that either.

These last few days have had me thinking about how much I treasure my loved ones and what a gift each day of life is. And how important it is to not go to sleep angry at anyone. This is where trusting God comes into light. Even if we do our best to be at peace with everyone, people will still die. But God is still in control and it's His timing. And His plan is so perfect that I'll never understand it. I'm working on trusting Him more and more each day.


April 1, 2009

Who's the April Fool?

Not me. Well, kinda. I totally forgot it was April Fool's Day. When I remembered, I was really glad that no one tried to pull something on me, because I would've been totally clueless. I guess I was still clueless, because this afternoon when I went to PCPA to put in my application (I want to work there so badly! I love PCPA- plus employees get free and discounted tickets!), Gabby and I saw Stephen, who told us that Pepsi bought out Coca-Cola...and we fell for it. Gosh! The consequence of that being that I remained skeptical of everything Stephen said for the rest of the day.

This morning was pretty nice. I woke up around nine and read for a while in bed, just relaxing (which was really nice!)...I started dozing a little bit and was startled by my phone ringing. It was Parker asking if I wanted to go with him to Albertson's, which I did since I love going to the store with him (it's probably one of my favorite outings that we go on together). So we went a-shopping and had a fun time. I really like watching Parker shop- he's so random! Like when he'll put something in the cart at the beginning of the trip, continue shopping, and then at the last possible moment take it out of the cart and put it back. Seriously! It cracks me up.

Today I've been in deep thought (gasp!) about what to do with education-related possibilities. I've realized, after thinking I would enjoy philosophy/sociology-type things...I really don't. I like puzzles I can solve. I like systematically analyzing and dissecting things, or putting things together. I love traveling and languages (I've always loved languages), and writing. And I like helping people. I have no idea what this leads to. Oy. I hope to figure it out soon so I can maybe start moving in any sort of progressive direction.

Sigh...I just got April Fool'd again. Darn it.


March 31, 2009

The Scheme O' Things

(This day last year, I was packing my things, getting ready to leave Germany. It's still amazing to me that a year has already gone by!)

On Sunday I walked to the place I usually sit at church to find Deja and her week-old baby, Davonna. I got to hold her during worship, and she was perfectly sweet in the usual baby way: she smelled like baby, had little baby fingers, made cute little baby was so crazy to think that she was Deja's baby girl, though! Two things I noticed about her: she has a good nose, and very long fingers (for piano playing, I've decided). Beautiful!

It's really weird to think that I'm at the place in life now where friends I've known for years are getting married and having babies! I suppose someday it'll be my turn (even more weird to think about). But as much as I loved holding little Davonna and thinking about these things, I was really content giving her back to Deja. It's a great feeling, trusting God with the timing of everything that's going to happen in my life.

This past Sunday an opportunity was brought to me to consider and pray about- a chance to play piano for the new 8 a.m. church service Grace Baptist is adding to Sunday mornings. I've really been hashing this out in my mind, because it is a different situation from the Late Service- the music is different and challenging (I like that), there's a whole new group of people I'd be playing with (that's a crazier dynamic to me), and it would also mean non-negotiable commitments in my schedule (a practice night and Sundays, of course). Also, this would literally mean staying at church all day Sundays. Being there early to practice and set up, the actual service, Sunday school and/or playing flute in the traditional service, Late Service practice, Late Service. There are little gaps of time in there, which is nice, and honestly I don't mind playing music all day long...just another thing to consider. We shall see!

On the job front, I've recently discovered two possibilities, both I'm going to try and apply for tomorrow. If anything exciting happens, I'll be sure to post it in glee. I need employment!

Yesterday Parker and I had a Scrubs marathon that lasted pretty much all day. Parker slept for half of it (maybe not half, but I didn't mind- he needs the sleep!) Beforehand we had lunch at the Jetty, and somewhere in the middle we watched something about guns on the History Channel. At some point, Parker's dad tickled my feet, thinking they were Parker's, which was funny but then had me thinking- do I have man feet (??), and Mama Parker kept trying to take pictures of me, so I hid under a blanket (I wasn't feeling photogenic). I haven't been much of a fan of getting my picture taken since Parker said I look better in person (golly). Then we had dinner and just relaxed 'til Parker was falling asleep for realsies and I needed to go home.

Oh, one more thing. Mom and I got to have an Olive Garden date and I was really happy about it! We don't to hang out very much, just the two of us, so getting to eat breadsticks and gab was a whole lot of fun.


March 17, 2009

A Great Weekend and a Happy Day

This last weekend was the college Unite conference at Hume Lake. A group of ten of us went up from Grace Baptist (eleven if you count Stephen's gnome), and it was a good weekend of learning, hanging out, singing, and enjoying the beautiful surroundings that are Hume. We had a different speaker each chapel, with this common theme of making a decision to live for God, instead of "limping between two ideas" as one of our speakers put it. It was a more intimate feeling at this camp, I felt- the worship was personal, and the lessons practical. For some reason, though, I couldn't wait to get home. I missed my family and I missed church Sunday morning, and I missed...other people (guess who)... I think one of the best things about the weekend was that my cell phone didn't have reception and I didn't have my laptop. Those two things are definitely things I depend on but don't necessarily need. So not having them was a bit freeing. As we started getting reception on the way home, though, I got almost fifty text messages!

After we got back home, the Late Service worship team got right to practicing and, I'm not gonna lie, I felt a little bit like leaning my head on the piano and falling asleep during worship. I was so tired. Right after Late Service was over, I went home and went to straight to sleep, because the next morning I knew Parker and I were going to...

Disneyland! When my alarm went off Monday morning, I was super groggy but excited to get to spend the day with Parker. As we were getting ready to start our drive, Parker told me he had a surprise planned, so of course I got even more excited. We stopped in Ventura for Starbucks, kept driving...and as we started coming into L.A. Parker pulled out a map and told me to avert my eyes...we got off the freeway, and I was still clueless as to where we were going, and then after driving a bit more, we pulled up to a German bakery! I couldn't believe it- maybe I'm the only one who gets this excited about carbohydrates, but I almost cried. They had German pretzels. And besides the pretzels, Parker thought of it and that was the sweetest thing!

After that detour, we made our way to the Happiest Place on Earth to find it completely packed with people- on a Monday! But no matter. We walked around and rode a record-breaking two rides: Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean, twice. It was really nice to just spend the day there together. We stayed 'til the fireworks and I was totally amazed because I've never seen the regular Disneyland fireworks.

A happy ending to a happy day.


March 5, 2009

Lovin' Them Golden Oldies

Tonight was the Keenager/College group dinner at church, and it was great fun (I was giggling nearly the entire time)! I got to sit at the McKays' table, which was ideal, because I love those two couples and the McKay gentlemen in particular are my buddies. Tonight, I particularly noticed similarities between Mrs. Bob McKay and my grandma Joyce (or Tennessee Grandma, as Parker likes to call her). The way she talks and uses her hands when she talks- she even said, "Oh mercy!" like Grandma does! I loved it. Anyway, the dinner was really fun. Some highlights:

  • When Mr. Phil McKay was asking me about Paul, one of the other ladies asked (in a hushed, shocked tone) if he was mine.
  • When Mr. McKay (still Phil) asked me about my boyfriend, the unknowing portion of the table assumed he was talking about Paul (since learning he was my cute little brother, wrapped around his finger, etc.), and when Mr. McKay asked what he did for a living, one of the ladies exclaimed, "Oh! You've got a real boyfriend! Not that I didn't think it was possible. You look alright."
  • During one of our quiz games about texting, having the gentlman next to me throw down his pen and say, "I don't care for this one bit. What I'd like is some more dessert."
  • Before Justin and I played a contemporary song, I was known as "The flute girl." Afterwards, I heard, "You play in that Late loud band?" :)
  • Hearing the phrase, "Honest Injun?" I mean, that's just fun.
  • Trying to keep from laughing during prayer with Hannah and Stephen. What troublemakers.
All in all, I had a great time. The odds of anyone sitting in on Late Service this Sunday? Slim. But at least we got to spend some time together eating, laughing, and fellowshipping under one God.

February 20, 2009


Paul is staying! I am so happy I could scream. The end.


"You Love Me?"

Paul and I have a little game we like to play. At random times he'll come up behind me and say, "You love me?" I'll peek over my shoulder and say, "Yeah I do!" and he'll shout, "Yay!" Then I'll turn around and ask, "Do you love me?" and he'll sit for a second, tap his chin, look up mischievously and yell, "Yeah!" Then I say, "Yay!" and tickle him and hug him until we pause for breath from laughing and he says, "... again."
I think this one of my favorite things with Paul. Maybe it's when I get to put him to bed at night and he's all cuddly and sleepy. Or when he just wakes up from his nap and just wants to snuggle up on the couch. Or when I'm getting ready to go somewhere and he'll jump up from whatever he's doing and yell, "I go with you! No! Gimme hug..." and follow to me the door and latch himself to my leg. Or when he dances in the car. Or seeing how much he loves Parker (and vice versa- it's great, really).
Today's Paul trial, deciding whether he'll stay with us (so we can adopt him), or go back to his grandparents. It's been a very distracting day, so I've been passing the time by really trying to prepare my heart for a decision either way. I'm just constantly amazed by how much I love this boy. He's only been in my life for a couple months, and I can't imagine life without him. His presence at home has shifted us as a family- not uncomfortably, just enough that if he weren't there we'd have an unmistakeable Paul-shaped void that only his little self could fill. I'm sure if God has decided that he won't be a part of our family, we'll learn how to move forward again without him. I just hate the thought, and don't want to entertain it unless we have really have to.
I never imagined me feeling this way about another sibling. When my parents talked about getting their foster care license here in Santa Barbara County so we could adopt another boy (they're done with girls, apparently- whatever), I was opposed. Through the whole process I was opposed. I just could not imagine another person fitting into our family and keeping the equilibrium like it's been for the past years since Krystal and Krystine became my sisters.
Then one day my parents got that call about Paul, and once I knew he was coming I immediately closed up because, I'm not gonna lie, foster care has been an emotional rollercoaster for the Leos family- and I didn't know if I could handle it if this kid came and then just left (I still don't know how I would handle it). The day Paul came I was with Parker, and I told him I was scared. But the moment I saw his little face, heard his laugh, saw him play with the heart couldn't help but open and be completely lost in Paul love. Now don't get me wrong- he has tantrums, throws things, hits, spits food- but that's all part of loving him no matter what. I love him as much as I love Ernie (don't tell him I said that, though), Krystal, and Krystine. My family's just a constant reminder to me that this kind of God-given love crosses beyond blood.
I'll update after the social worker comes and gives us the decision. I can hardly take the anticipation!


February 18, 2009

First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage...You Get the Drift

Before you get any funny ideas, I'm actually not talking about myself. I am talking about the ridiculous numbers of my friends or people that I know who are either recently engaged, married, or expecting a visit from the stork at any moment. It's crazy business. Girls I used to be in band with in junior high are having babies! Friends are getting hitched left and right! What is going on?! I feel dazed and slightly confused.
It's especially weird to see a girl I used to be so close to going through these changes. I mean, this time last year, she was in New York and I was in Germany, exchanging nanny horror stories! Now she's due in a month with a baby girl and future plans with her boyfriend in the mind really hasn't wrapped around it yet. How does this happen in less than a year? (I mean, I know how it happens. Oy.) Seriously, this last year has gone by faster than any other year I can remember, with more changes and experiences- it really blows my mind.
As for me? I am content. I've got a lovin' man (yay- he is fantastic!) and the cutest siblings (minus Ernie, he's macho) I can snuggle with- and lavish any possible maternal instincts I may have on them, too. Life's a happy balance of work, school, friends, ministry...what more could a girl ask for?


February 4, 2009

Shoots and Ladders

I've been part of that unfortunate group lately who's had a multi-week (and multi-faceted) cold virus. It's no fun... starting off like a regular cold, mine's gone from better to a little cough, to a long cough, to a just plain nasty cough, back to a regular cold but still with the nasty cough. I could sum up how I feel about this in one of Paul's phrases: "Stupid stupid stupid!" I just feel yucky.

There is a definite upside to life though, and that is laughter. Ashley says she just hangs out with me because I laugh at everything- this is true. Even when I'm mad I laugh (and this usually makes me more upset). Sometimes it's the most inappropriate things that make me giggle ("The Count Censored" video on Youtube, for example- I didn't giggle at that one as much as I cried laughing)... or the best timed joke makes me burst out in glee. Sometimes jokes take me a second (I can be real slow sometimes) but I still laugh; I also laugh just as much the second time as the first (but not the third time- then it's just old). I laugh at myself (tonight I made a giant idiot out of myself in front of the kids I babysit for the Greek class- let's just say I started standing up but ended on my back staring at the ceiling... not on purpose...)... I just love to laugh! Anyway, Monday night I was at Parker's and his mom was cutting his hair in the backyard and when she was finished she said to him, "Okay, now take your shirt off and shake it." Parker replied, "If I only had a nickel for every time someone's said that to me..." and it still makes me laugh every time I think about it. Oy, am I silly or what?

Since my ride-along I have been having dreams with me shooting guns a la Angelina Jolie in Mr. and Mrs. Smith and similar... this is not normal. I generally do not care about guns- neither anti nor pro- so this is a weird occurrence. Parker declares I am a hippie liberal who is anti-guns (he decided this when he discovered I loaned out a book by Noam Chomsky from the library) but you shouldn't believe him for a second. Guns are...guns. That's about all I've thought about them and I'd like my normal dreams back now, please and thank you!

Paul's court date is Thursday. Hopefully it doesn't get continued again.

The Nyquil should be kicking in any second...


January 30, 2009

A Novel Idea

I should be going to sleep right now but I really want to write this blog. It's been brewing in my mind for a couple days, since I found four books at the thrift store. Wouldn't you know, when I'm looking for nothing in particular, I do judge a book by its cover? That's how I stumbled across these new finds. To decide which one to read first, I read the very first sentence of the first chapter. Here's what I've got (I'll tell you the titles of the books after):

"I never knew her in life."
"A white light seeped through the shoji windows and into the room, along with the morning chill."
"Seven years ago, I had my first tutorial in becoming a man."
"To borrow, and slightly bend, a line from the movie Kindergarten Cop, Arnold Schwarzenegger is like the ocean."

What kind of crazy mix do I have going on here? The first line is from The Black Dahlia, the second from The Street of a Thousand Blossoms, the third from Self-Made Man, and the fourth from Why Arnold Matters: The Rise of a Cultural Icon. I have no idea what any of these are about (except maybe for Dahlia- I saw the preview for the movie- and obviously the last is about the Governator), so I'm excited to read and see what they're all about.

Some people have plans of what books they'll read and when (and sometimes I wish I did, especially when all the used bookstore shelves are coughing up are dusty cookbooks and romance novels...). But so far I've found it to be a lot more interesting to have no plan at all.


January 25, 2009


Someone said to me last week, "Thrift stores are so last year." To that I say, boo on you! I have been finding nothing short of amazing things in Santa Maria's fine thrifting (is that a word?) establishments these last two Saturdays. The tally?

Four books
Four nice comfy shirts
Three dresses
Three skirts
Two black cardigans (one nice and one pretty)
A pair of Seven jeans 
A pair of regular jeans (Seven jeans get their own category)
A cream colored cropped cardigan
A toasty Hollister vest (that I intend to take to college winter camp- it's perfect!)
A pretty white shirt by Express
(A partridge in a pear tree? Sadly, not on sale)

And all this for under the cost of the aforementioned Seven jeans at regular price. Yippee! I do love shopping.