January 30, 2009

A Novel Idea

I should be going to sleep right now but I really want to write this blog. It's been brewing in my mind for a couple days, since I found four books at the thrift store. Wouldn't you know, when I'm looking for nothing in particular, I do judge a book by its cover? That's how I stumbled across these new finds. To decide which one to read first, I read the very first sentence of the first chapter. Here's what I've got (I'll tell you the titles of the books after):

"I never knew her in life."
"A white light seeped through the shoji windows and into the room, along with the morning chill."
"Seven years ago, I had my first tutorial in becoming a man."
"To borrow, and slightly bend, a line from the movie Kindergarten Cop, Arnold Schwarzenegger is like the ocean."

What kind of crazy mix do I have going on here? The first line is from The Black Dahlia, the second from The Street of a Thousand Blossoms, the third from Self-Made Man, and the fourth from Why Arnold Matters: The Rise of a Cultural Icon. I have no idea what any of these are about (except maybe for Dahlia- I saw the preview for the movie- and obviously the last is about the Governator), so I'm excited to read and see what they're all about.

Some people have plans of what books they'll read and when (and sometimes I wish I did, especially when all the used bookstore shelves are coughing up are dusty cookbooks and romance novels...). But so far I've found it to be a lot more interesting to have no plan at all.


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