October 21, 2009

Chiclets and Chick Lit.

Did you know that Chiclets are selling for between ten and twenty dollars on Amazon? Just for gum! It's silliness, really- the point is, lately I've been having this major sweet tooth for things that aren't readily available. Like Chiclets and germknodel (Edelweiss, Edelweiss, I will love you forever)...and krapfen (shown below)- three cheers for Bavaria! Y-u-m.
What better to do with a delicious pastry then to enjoy it with the company of my latest literary finds? (Imaginary krapfen in hand, book in the other...) Yesterday, I raided the Santa Maria Library of any interesting chick lit. I could find. Sadly, there wasn't much- but I hunted, I searched, and I triumphed with a stack of books in my arms as I carefully made my way back to the car. Now, I will shamelessly admit that I only picked these books based on their covers (gasp), but so far I am not disappointed.


October 19, 2009

Retreats! Protests! ...and Scones!

Hello, old friend Blog! It's been a while. I've just been so absorbed in October and all its autumn-y offerings (pumpkin scones! Thank you Starbucks!) that I just haven't sat down to write! Now I have a bit of a stockpile, and that's good for both of us. 

So Parker is in escrow on a house. And it is the loveliest little home. It's cozy, attractive, and amiable- just like a Parker house should be. I've decided I'm going to name it the Love Shack. I wish I could name it Brick House...but it isn't made of brick. Ha. It's south of Betteravia (like Parker wanted), it has a nice kitchen (like I wanted), and an absolutely wonderful backyard. It has two apple trees, a big olive tree in the center of the yard, and lots of shade. Flowers and gnomes also abound, but Parker intends to use the gnomes for target practice if they're still inhabiting the backyard when he arrives (Michael Shaw, intervene!). I don't want to see them go, because the gnomes were what told me that this house was the One. But never mind. The house is great. (If by any chance Parker doesn't get this house- darn real estate market/mayor- you may kindly disregard this paragraph.)

Also in October was the Women's Retreat in Montecito. Yeah, where Oprah lives. I was definitely the youngest person there, but I was not disappointed at all. The ladies at our church can be gracious, hilarious, and great teachers, even if they don't realize it. For the first time, I got to know these women a bit more; what their personal struggles are, what their lives are apart from Sunday mornings. The speakers and workshops were insightful and relevant about what God has for all women and how we can and need to include Him in everything we do. And when it was time for games at the end of the day...wow. I can tell you I laughed until I cried every time we played games, probably multiple times. I'm going to try and get more people to go next time- it was awesome. 

Right now I am a busy bee- I have a personal assistant job, a nanny job, and a tutoring job at the moment. My Santa Barbara Police Dispatcher is a week from tomorrow, and I'm excited to say the least. I think I'd be a good dispatcher. I'm praying about it lots, because it's a big job.

Today I saw a protest on the corner of Betteravia and Miller. It was a group of old people protesting our current presidential administration. So I stopped and talked with them for a while, and one lady broke down- she was that upset. She said she wished young people would open up their eyes and realize where this country is going. It was definitely some food for thought.

Well, I have more to write but it'll have to wait a little while longer. Until then!


October 4, 2009

Oh, Twitter Dee Dum- It's Finally Autumn!

So I'm not sure how many of you guys Twitter, but I'm giving it a try. It seems like the whole world's doing it, and no wonder- it's a shorter, more convenient way to communicate with everyone all at once! If you do have Twitter, send something my way- @vmo1117.
Three weeks ago the Late Service celebrated its first birthday, and I was invited by the guys for something of a keyboard victory lap to contribute to the festivities. It was a great feeling to be back on stage with the guys (I'm still waiting for the "Veralynn and the Guys" tee, James!) and play some great songs celebrating the real reason we're at church for the third or fourth time each Sunday- and no, the answer isn't Justin's voice! Anyway, Ashley took some great pictures- I've never liked pictures of me more! 

 Right now I've got one internet browsing window open whose only job is to stay on Absolutepunk.net and serenade me with Relient k's new album Forget and Not Slow Down.  To be truthful, I had no idea they had new music coming out until about a month ago. Now, I can't get enough of this new side of one of my favorite bands. Grab a copy and listen for yourselves. "Over It" is my favorite song for the piano alone. The music is so emotionally charged and I love how it's used to convey as much meaning as the words themselves. "Oasis" is one of the most dreamy, floating and longing forty seconds I've ever heard, and one of my favorite pastimes of Relient k- old school vocal harmonies! The fact that the record is a bit disjointed in its progression is a truthful replica of the various stages we go through in grief and healing. From quiet, heart-heavy sorrow to pure, raw emotion- it's beautiful. Here's to hoping they'll release a few more Christmas songs this year!

For those of you fellow Santa Marians, it is definitely turning into scarves and sweater weather! I love it! The wind has that fall-like crispness I so enjoy. Perfect for sitting by a window, wrapped in a blanket and happy thoughts.
Happy October!