About Me

Ever since I discovered its meaning, "joie de vivre" has been one of my favorite phrases. It's definitely my favorite feeling- being full to the brim with energy is how I think a lot of people would describe me.

I'm a California girl through and through- beaches, wine, amazing food, spontaneous drives on long stretches of highway and farmers' markets are things I'll never tire of. That being said, I love to travel. Living in Munich and visiting Austria was completely different from the West Coast, but it was incredible (I'd like to see anything get between me and a German pretzel) and has only increased my desire to see the world. 

I never thought I'd meet my Prince Charming so soon. In fall 2008, I met and started dating Parker. He is zesty, smart, and funny! In January 2010, I married this wonderful man. Nearly two years later, our beautiful son Miles was born in late December of 2011. Add two goofy Shepherd mix pups to the mix and you have our little family! I don't think I'll ever be able to comprehend the blessings I have in them- it's almost too lucky. 

Since becoming a mama, I've taken my self-challenge to savor life much more seriously. I want Miles to live adventurously, to learn about and love the world around him- and I want to be the best example to him of that. On a practical day-to-day level, motherhood has shown me the power of hippie magic (amber teething necklaces and coconut oil, for example) and babywearing. I love being a mama!

One of the most important things I've found through experiencing pregnancy and motherhood is confidence as my husband and I make decisions about how we raise Miles. It seemed to me that as soon as those two lines popped up on the pregnancy test, everyone had some input or advice- well-meaning or not- to give. As mothers, we weigh options and make what we feel are the best decisions for our babies. When other moms don't make the same choices, it can be so easy to become judgmental and critical because we think our way is the only way. It's my philosophy that there is no universal "right" way to birth or raise a child. There is no "perfect" parent. Motherhood is a lot of give and take. So is mercy. My encouragement to those reading is to be gentle on your fellow mothers, enjoy what experience and knowledge we can all share, and be open to what you hear.   

In my free time you can find me at my favorite coffee spot, indulging in my foodie tendencies, reading, brushing up on my favorite foreign languages (Chinese, French, and German), and keeping a lookout for my next thrift store find. My guilty pleasures are online shopping and watching ridiculous TV shows on Bravo.  

Welcome to my little world- feel free to stay awhile! - VP