June 29, 2012

My Baby is Six Months Old!

Minutes after being born, and at six months
with a pillowcase hat.
Would someone please explain to me how this happened? Last time I checked, I was still whining over being almost forty-two weeks pregnant! Of course, when I woke up this morning I knew I wasn't pregnant (or at least I think) but tiptoed into my son's room to find him sprawled out on his blankets- six months old. I just can't get enough of his cuddles and drooly kisses. I hate when I can tell he's in discomfort (those little teeth just need to poke on through already). He has great hand-eye coordination and is desperately trying to crawl. He is such a happy, relaxed baby and I feel so blessed to have him in our life.

Of course, this also marks six months of being parents. I don't think I could have a better partner than Parker. He's taken to fatherhood so naturally and is a calming influence on me when I realize I can't control everything. How am I so lucky to love and be loved by such a great man? Miles is a lucky boy to have him as a dad.

As for me- well, of course sometimes I struggle with the aforementioned control issues. Sometimes I feel as if it's an impossible feat to accomplish everything I need to in a day. I often need to remind myself of what is most important- the health and happiness of my family; everything falls into place after that.

I love my little family!
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This Week the Trend: Baby-Led Weaning (and Clinique)

I realized the other day that my "This Week the Trend" favorites are dramatically different from what I would've been reaching for a year or two years ago. To think I would care so much about detergent is laughable, but I can't help it. I want Miles to have the best.

This week, I've been reaching for two things. The first is The Baby-Led Weaning Cookbook. The premise of this book is introducing food to babies in the same form that we adults eat it- at developmentally appropriate intervals, of course- and to include them at mealtime by letting them eat what we eat. Miles will be six months tomorrow (!) and has been trying to grab food off my plate for at least the last couple of weeks- I have to say, I'm truly looking forward to starting Miles's culinary journey. This is partially because it will help me eat more fruit and vegetables (I don't really think food is a parenting area I'd like to implement the mantra "Do as I say, not as I do") and partially because I feel it will be crazy and messy and fun.

For those of you who couldn't care less about how I'm going about feeding my kid (hey, it's understandable), let me tell you about my new friend- Clinique's Even Better Dark Spot Corrector. I haven't even used it for a week yet, but I can tell an improvement in my overall skin tone already. We'll see if it helps with the magnitude of freckles I have!

So, what've you been reaching for this week? "This Week the Trend" is a way to showcase your current must-have that you find yourself reaching for constantly: it could be a book you can't put down, new music, a product for yourself/home/babies, fashion find, etc! Here are the rules:

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June 27, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

Happy Wednesday everyone! This week I'm excited to link up again with The Pleated Poppy and A Little Bit of Lacquer for What I Wore/ Work It Wednesday.

Today I decided to step outside for my outfit photos and had my silly but completely lovable husband take my photos. After I showed him this video (via my friend Chrystal at Fairly Obvious), he was making all sorts of comments- I couldn't stop laughing.

PS: I stopped by my friend Whitney's house this morning- she always looks amazing (and tan, I'm so jealous)! Stop by her blog to see what she's wearing this Wednesday.

"No, babe! Little teapot: chin down, eyes up!" -Parker

Here are the details:

Hat: Payless (I know!)
Sunnies: Chanel
Tee: Target (I love that it says "Will Work for Shoes")
Pants: Gap
Sandals: Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent

Have a great day!

June 25, 2012

Music Monday: Francoiz Breut + Calexico

When I think of summer, I think of this song. There are two versions on iTunes, one of only Francoiz Breut singing in French (my favorite), and Calexico's version (also wonderful). Enjoy!

Francoiz Breut + Calexico Si tu disais

June 23, 2012

Our Week (In a Nutshell)

What a week! It seemed never-ending for a while (Parker was up to his eyeballs in work this week and it felt like I hardly saw him), but now that I'm sitting here on Saturday night, I realize that time really doesn't stop. In less than one week, my sweet baby Miles will be six months old. Six months. How is this even possible? When I was barely out of the first trimester, spending most of my time in the bathroom from terrible morning sickness, I'd tell myself to imagine what life would be like in a year, with a six-month old baby- and how all the sickness would be worth it. It totally was.

Oh no you didn't. 
This week I got to spend time with my mama friends twice (so much fun to talk and laugh and eat yummy food). Somewhere at the beginning of this week Miles started napping and sleeping at night without his swaddle blanket- a surprisingly easy transition. He is getting better and better at sitting up by himself, and when he's lying on his stomach he is really trying to figure out how to crawl. We're starting the process now of babyproofing, so that when he really is mobile we won't be in an absolute panic. I also bought a Baby-Led Weaning cookbook so that I can start introducing food into Miles's diet when he turns six months old. Yesterday, I discovered someone stole my debit card information and went on an online shopping spree. This filled me with a NeNe-like rage... I feel better now.

It feels nice to have Parker home for the weekend, and with my summer courses having Sunday deadlines, it's nice to know that everything is already finished tonight, so I have a completely free day with my family tomorrow.

And that's our week in a nutshell!

June 22, 2012

This Week the Trend: Rockin' Green Detergent

When I was pregnant with sweet baby Miles, I started doing a lot of baby-related research (as I think a lot of us first-time mamas do). When I first decided that cloth diapering might be something I wanted to try- although I didn't fully commit until after he was born- it became apparent that the detergent used for baby clothes and cloth diapers needed to be chosen carefully (this went on The List of Things I Never Thought I'd Care About, somewhere after the amount, color, and consistency of poop). Anyway, Rockin' Green was recommended to me and it definitely rocks. I really love how this brand was created by a mom looking for an eco-friendly solution to a problem! Not only can you choose your detergent specifically for your water type, there are several scents to choose from (we go with Bare Naked Babies, which is unscented) and it contains no fillers, no enzymes or optical brighteners, is phosphate-free, and vegan. It is the definition of hippie magic, and it's definitely not just hype- it gets the job done! (They were also kind enough to let me guest blog for them last month- it was a lot of fun!)

And now for the link-up (side note: thank you everyone who participated last week- I was so excited to see your entries)! "This Week the Trend" is a way to showcase your current must-have that you find yourself reaching for constantly: it could be a book you can't put down, new music, a product for yourself/home/babies, fashion find, etc! Here are the rules:

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June 21, 2012

Late-Night Musings of a Student Mama

My husband sometimes likes to grumble over the fact that we humans need sleep to function. "Do you know how much more we could accomplish if we didn't need to sleep?" he asks. Frankly, I don't feel like I can accomplish jack diddly without my beauty rest, even if I average on half the amount of sleep per night that I enjoyed pre-baby, and now, pre-summer session. One of the orientation assignments I had to complete today was asking me questions like, "On a scale of one to ten, how calm and confident do you feel about accomplishing your short-term goals?" I may or may not have skipped that particular question. I mean, let's be real- some days just fly by and my mind is racing back and forth across so many tasks at a mile a minute ("Don't forget to start a new load of laundry! I should go to the grocery store- no, it's almost nap time for Miles. I'll study while he naps. Okay, he's down. I should see what's happening on Facebook and check my email..."). Time management is not one of my strong suits, but I've been challenging myself to break the day down and plan ahead so I can get things done. Today actually went pretty well, I thought. I set aside time for myself to rest during Miles's first nap, I studied during his second one, and I took some time for myself after he went to bed. Now it's back to studying and keeping my nose to the grindstone for the next six weeks as I tackle these courses- I have to say, I enjoy the challenge. I'm pretty sure it will be August before I know it!

June 20, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

Today I got to visit with my mama friends Becky, Morgan, and Whitney and we were crazy enough to take all the kids to Arby's for lunch. There were twice as many kids as adults! Needless to say, there was lots of fun and lots of wrangling. I thought we were all dressed very cute today! I'm calling it the Effortless Mama look (she may have just been sneezed on by a child with a bite full of food, but you'd never know it with the cute patterned scarf she has on!). Of course, it was already the afternoon by the time I realized it was Wednesday.

Now that it's officially summer, I'm dreading the moment I'm going to have to show my ghostly pale legs to the world. I haven't found a self-tanner yet that doesn't make me look like an Oompa Loompa; in the meantime, I'm slowly transitioning from jeans to skirts. Do I even dare wear shorts? That would be a sight. Anyway, here's what I wore today!

Tank: Target
Jeans: thrifted
Necklace: thrifted
Shoes: Rocket Dog
Lip color: Chanel Rouge Coco Shine #57, Aventure (my favorite)

Of course, I'm linking up with The Pleated Poppy and A Little Bit of Lacquer for What I Wore/ Work It Wednesday! I'm loving their looks.

Happy Wednesday!

June 19, 2012

Unwanted Baggage & My Favorite Two Diet Tips

Scale say what now?!
There's no nice way to say this- I may have partied just a little too hard on National Doughnut Day, because lately I've noticed a little extra muffin on my muffin top. It's become a regular on what I've affectionately dubbed The Cycle of Sad, which is the best way to describe how I feel as my hormones are regulating themselves post-breastfeeding. You see, I didn't really gain that much weight during pregnancy (don't hate me- I was super sick for most of it). Once Miles was born, I lost all of it almost right away and was below my pre-pregnancy weight about a week afterward (okay, you can hate me a little). I'm sure it was breastfeeding, because now that I'm not really effectively producing or nursing, there is a noticeable difference in my weight. And has anyone else noticed that you gain weight in crazy weird places post-baby? It seems like everything just...I don't know...sits differently? Maybe that's just me. Anyway, The Cycle of Sad isn't helping. It goes like this:

Step 1. I'm sad about the whole breastfeeding thing.
Step 2. I should eat a pretzel.
Step 3. That was tasty, but now I feel sad and chubby.
Step 4. Ugh. I don't feel like exercising because I feel sad and chubby. I also probably shouldn't have had that cookie and Dr. Pepper for lunch. 
Step 5. Repeat.

So I've started implementing my two favorite diet tips which are so simple. They totally work, though! Firstly, eat oat bran or oats for breakfast. Plain. (I mean, you can add hot water but don't add sugar or anything...and if you have to add sweetener, at least don't use Splenda! That stuff is no bueno.) And secondly, don't eat past seven o' clock at night. That one is the toughie for me. But trust me, it makes a huge difference. 

Here's to hoping The Cycle of Sad turns into The Cycle of Awesome soon! Plus, I'm looking forward to having a Mamas Morning In with Becky, Morgan, and Whitney tomorrow- those ladies always bring a smile to my face. :)

June 18, 2012

Music Monday- The Zombies

This song has been on my playlist for at least three weeks now- I found a video of a live performance on Youtube and knew I had to share it for this week's Music Monday!

Our Week (In a Nutshell)

Ah, the day I've been waiting for- June 18th. The beginning of two months of absolute insanity! I'm taking ten units of coursework this summer, and I've been filled with anticipation, ready to dig in and learn...I may be one of the few crazies out there who enjoy this sort of thing. I'm getting ahead of myself, though- let's backtrack through the last week!

Last Monday began with a checkup at Miles's pediatrician's office to see how his weight is doing since we began the sudden transition to formula over the last month or so. He's almost fourteen pounds and the doctor was very happy with his weight gain- such a relief! I still try and nurse him, even if it's just a comfort, so it's not such an abrupt change for him to no longer be nursing. After his appointment, we walked around downtown SLO and got our lunch favorites: I enjoyed The Habit, while Parker got his favorite tri-tip sandwich from Firestone. We were going to take Miles on his first beach adventure, but it was quite cold and overcast so we decided to postpone it for another day.

The next couple days we spent at home (soaking up as much time as possible to just relax before the summer session starts), and Miles sat up unassisted for the first time! I was one proud mama. I can't believe how fast he's growing and changing. On Thursday, we spent another afternoon with Morgan and her little ones, enjoying boba and chatting.

Before I knew it, the weekend was upon us yet again! I love having Parker home, and one of our weekend routines is to set aside periods of time for ourselves individually, together for a date, and together as our little family. It's so nice to have Parker's parents in the same area, because they love having Miles over on Saturdays so we can do this!

Saturday night was a laugh and a half, no doubt about it. It started with Miles waking up and having a hard time going back to sleep- I think it was around four-thirty in the morning. He had just fallen back asleep when Gus started barking incessantly. Parker said, "Well, that's not good if only Gus is barking...I know that bark! It's his 'Roscoe's got something I want and he's not giving it!' bark. I better go check." I was already back half-asleep at this point, and tried to convince him it was the neighbor dog and that Gus would stop barking in a minute...but of course, Parker was right. We tiptoed past Miles's room, out to the backyard to discover that our dogs had killed a possum in our backyard and were playing tug-o-war with it! I was horrified, and Parker went and unceremoniously picked up with possum with a shovel, tossing it over the fence into our front yard so he could put it in the trash bin without the dogs trying to get at it. When we finally got back into bed, we were laughing at how ridiculous our dogs are and how I'm convinced that possums are evil. Our conversation went something like this:

Me: Ugh gross gross gross! I hate possums!
Parker: What's the difference between a possum and a raccoon? How do they even get around? Do they hang from trees?
Me: All I know is that they are the spawn of Satan- I don't know if they teleport, or just spontaneously appear, but they are nasty! PS, Happy Father's Day!
Parker: ...thanks.

So Sunday was Parker's first Father's Day- Miles and I gave him his card and presents in the morning, did some errands at Costco and Trader Joe's, and then we went over to Parker's parents' house again that evening for dinner with his side of the family. I just have to say, I am amazed at how my honey has just taken to being a dad so naturally. He is great with Miles and I know Miles is going to look up to him and have so much fun with his dad growing up!

Happy Monday, everyone!
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June 15, 2012

This Week the Trend: Josie Maran SPF 40 Sunblock

Image via Sephora
I wrote recently about another Josie Maran product- the whipped Body Butter in Apricot Vanilla- but I recently tried the Argan Daily Moisturizer with SPF 40 and it did not disappoint- in fact, I've been reaching for it all week! It smells wonderful, and is chemical-free so I can also use it for Miles when we go to the beach. One of the main reasons I hate sunblock is because it can be so greasy, but this one really feels light and absorbs very quickly. Give it a try this summer!

And now for the link-up (side note: thank you everyone who participated last week- I was so excited to see your entries)! "This Week the Trend" is a way to showcase your current must-have that you find yourself reaching for constantly: it could be a book you can't put down, new music, a product for yourself/home/babies, fashion find, etc! Here are the rules:

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June 13, 2012

Foodie Love: Goulash

Over the span of time I lived in Germany, I visited Salzburg- just a short train ride into Austria- twice. It was in a little restaurant nestled along a tiny side street in Salzburg that I had one of the best meals of my entire life- goulash. I was shocked that I could enjoy two of my favorite ingredients (noodles and potatoes) in the same dish! Needless to say, when I stumbled across Urban Accent's spice mix at World Market, I knew I'd need to do make this for dinner ASAP. It was delicious! Here's my recipe (adapted from here) and directions:

Prep Time: 20 minutes
Cook time: 1 hour, 40 minutes
Total time: 2 hours

Prep and portion the onions, herbs and spices, tomato paste, and chuck roast.

In a large saute pan or stock pot, heat the olive oil and saute the onions and sugar until carmelized. Add the garlic (and caraway seed, if using). Cook for one minute. Add the spice mix (or remaining herbs and spices) and saute for another minute. Add the tomato paste. Deglaze with the balsamic vinegar (I didn't have any balsamic vinegar on hand, so I substituted each tablespoon of vinegar with one tablespoon apple cider vinegar + 1/2 teaspoon sugar) and chicken stock, and then add the pieces of chuck roast. Lastly, add the salt and pepper. Bring to a boil, then lower to a simmer and cook until very tender, about 1.5 hours, stirring occasionally.

Cook the egg noodles in a separate saucepan about ten minutes before the goulash is finished. Once everything is ready to serve, portion the desired amount of noodles on the plate first, with a helping of goulash on the top. Serve immediately.

And there you have it! It may seem daunting to have the total cook time at two hours, but most of that time is the goulash simmering on the stove. I already had a lot of these ingredients in my pantry, but the total cost for four servings was around $15. Not bad on the wallet, and it was so delicious!

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What I Wore Wednesday

Well, this week has flown by! Sorry I haven't posted much in the last few days- as you can see, the new blog design is being installed and there are a few hiccups that are being fixed before it will actually be complete. I love the new design and can't wait for it to be finished!

Anyway, I'm linking up with The Pleated Poppy and A Little Bit of Lacquer this week for this Wednesday's outfit. Here's all the details!

Lip color: Speed Dial by MAC
Shirt: TJ Maxx
Jeans: Earnest Sewn
Shoes: (my favorite pair of) Sven clogs

I stopped by Macy's with my sis-in-law yesterday in hopes of finding a pretty pink lip color for summer that was bolder than what I usually wear but not too bold. The girls at the MAC counter gave me some Kleenex, a makeup remover wipe, and a little cup of alcohol to clean the tester lipsticks and promptly left me to my own devices, so I tried on a whole bunch of different colors. They ranged from crazy orange (there's no way I can pull that look off!) to my safety range of sheer pinks. This one is definitely not sheer, but it's a happy medium.

Oh, and my clogs. These shoes are the best. They're super comfortable and really cute. I have two pairs of Sven clogs and I wish I had more! Sven is a great brand to try whether you are a longtime fan of this style or completely new to the concept of wooden shoes because you can design your own- from the heel height and style to the material and the color! Definitely stop by their website and take a look around.

Have a great Wednesday!
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June 10, 2012

Our Week (In a Nutshell)

My family is cuh-razy. Laugh so hard your stomach hurts, shake your head in amazement that you're related crazy. This week I've spent a lot of time with my sisters, brother, and mom and, I have to say, I love those weirdos! What else has been going on? Miles has been his regular happy self- perfecting his roll, bouncing in his Johnny Jump-Up (he loves that thing), and working on sitting up by himself. I just can't get over his cuteness.
My mom, brother, sisters, and I love Del Taco.
So healthy, I know.

Motherhood confession of the week: If you've seen my last few posts, I've been blogging about our transition into cloth diapers. One of my least favorite (although not as terrible as I'd originally imagined) aspects is dealing with poop. I didn't realize how much I wanted to avoid cleaning them until, when I noticed Miles making that certain face, I would rush him into the bathroom, unsnap the diaper, and hold him over the potty so he could do his business. The whole time he just stared at me, blinking, as I looked up at the ceiling (to give him some privacy, of course). Yes, I did. And yes, it worked! So awesome.

This week was a lot of just lounging around the house, snuggles, and just preparing myself mentally for the busy summer session of classwork that's starting up soon. I'm looking forward to the challenge of balancing work and life as I pursue this dream of mine! I'm so thankful for my husband who supports my goals.

Tomorrow we have a doctor's appointment for Miles to check his weight. I think he's right around fourteen pounds now, which may still be a little low for five months, but is a three-pound weight gain from a month ago when we started supplementing with formula. (Although I've been taking the teas and herbal supplements- following my LC's instructions to the letter- my supply is still decreasing and now nursing is mostly as a comfort and not his main source of nutrition. At times I find it sad, but I am so thankful that we are able to nourish him with formula and still have our bonding time.) Also, tomorrow will be Miles's first time at the beach! I can't wait to introduce him to the ocean. 

1. Roscoe, my sweet baby pup.
2. Snuggles before bed.
3. Gus doesn't like having his photo taken.
4. Doesn't he look so grown up in his Johnny Jump-Up?
5. My happy boy.
6. Monkeying around with Grandma.
7. You may have an online shopping problem if Gilt Groupe sends you a free onesie.
8. All smiles.
9. Mastering the roll.

I hope you all have a great week!
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June 9, 2012

I'm All For Hippie Magic, But I Draw the Line at Placenta Milkshakes.

Those of you who know me pretty well know I am a sucker for Bravo and its ridiculous TV shows. We don't even have cable and I still manage to find the free episodes available online or read the Bravo blogs to get an idea of what's happening. There's one particular show, Pregnant In Heels- about "maternity concierge" Rosie Pope and her New York City clients who are expecting- that I particularly enjoy. This season, they had an episode where a mother wanted to eat her placenta, so they blended it in a milkshake. I'm sitting on my couch shaking my head, wondering why they had to ruin a perfectly good milkshake. I mean, if you want (or need) to eat your placenta by all means do it, but let me have my milkshake afterward as a reward at least!

Speaking of more hippie magic, there is a new documentary on Ina May Gaskin and her fellow midwives at The Farm that is currently fundraising to reach it's goal of $50,000 in order to finish production, cover costs, and distribute the film by 2013. You can help by pledging any amount here. Watch the trailer below (Warning for those who don't want to see any "maternal nudity"...I'm just saying, there's Milk Dud nips. Not that there's anything wrong with that!)

I hope you're all having a good weekend!
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June 8, 2012

This Week the Trend: Further Products

Photo via Lafayette & Rushford
Hippie magic has done it again. Who knew vegetable oil from one of LA's gourmet eateries (Nancy Silverton and Mario Batali's Mozza) could be refined into a dish and hand soap, hand lotion, and candles? The husband-and-wife team behind Further did! They process the oil in their garage to use the biofuel to power their cars, with the remaining distilled glycerin going into the Further product line. With their signature scent made from the oils of bergamot, olive, and exotic grasses, being eco-friendy has never smelled so good! You can purchase the hand soap, lotion, and candles directly from Further's website, or the entire collection from Lafayette & Rushford.

I think I may have found a way to actually enjoy washing the dishes! (Oh please, who am I kidding? I couldn't even write that line with a straight face.)

Joie de V

Okay, now it's time to start something I've been wanting to try for a while! It's my very first link-up! "This Week the Trend" is a way to showcase your current must-have that you find yourself reaching for constantly: it could be a book you can't put down, new music, a product for yourself/home/babies, fashion find, etc! Here are the rules:

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3. Spread the blog love and click on any of the links below- who knows, maybe you'll find your next favorite thing!

June 6, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

I finally decided to join in on The Pleated Poppy's What I Wore Wednesday and realized two things: firstly, I need to clean my mirrors more often, and two- this is pretty fun. Here are the details:

pleated poppyScarf: Alexander McQueen
Top: TJ Maxx
Jeans: Seven For All Mankind
Shoes: Forever 21

I've been making strides in not simply reaching for my "Mommy Uniform"- black yoga pants, grey tee, and a hoodie (my shoes do vary by mood)- and I'm liking the alternative. My biggest challenge tends to be my hair; most of the time, I just want to fix it in a messy bun, slip a headband on, and be on my way (at least today I used a scarf, right?). Maybe now's the time to get into the habit of putting a little more effort there as well. More than likely I will wind up using a lot of dry shampoo and scouring Pinterest's Hair and Beauty section with keywords like "easy" and "mom".

Here's to making an effort.
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June 5, 2012

Can I Borrow Your Notes?

Whitney and Miles 
Today was just plain nice. It all started when Miles only woke up once last night, and kept going when he napped for nearly three hours this morning. I was beyond excited that he was sleeping so long, but I was ready to head out to spend the afternoon with my friends Whitney and Becky and their kids. We had so much fun drinking way too much caffeine, eating doughnuts, and laughing about all sorts of things! I really enjoy connecting with friends, but especially now when we can relate to each other and compare notes as mamas.
Illustration by Sarah Jane Wright

Speaking of comparing notes, I have been reading and researching how moms introduce and set the stage for a healthy diet once their babies start solids. Miles isn't there yet, but he will be shortly, and I would be lying if I said I didn't have any anxiety about it. I read the book French Kids Eat Everything and it really got me thinking about how the way food is introduced to a child from the beginning probably will influence them one way or another for the rest of their lives. (Side note: if books like French Women Don't Get Fat and Bringing Up Bebe are any indicator, it would seem like the French just have everything figured out!) Here were the rules presented in the book- I'd love to know your thoughts! How do you introduce new foods and mealtime to your little one?

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June 4, 2012

Music Monday: Sydney Wayser

Have you ever been in a music rut? I tend to fixate on one song or playlist and play it over and over and over, until I hear something different that catches my ear. This week I stumbled across Sydney Wayser's Bell Choir Coast (via For Me, For You), featuring dreamy harmonies and sweetly clear vocals that remind me of somewhere between Feist and Pomplamoose.

Have a listen and shake off those Monday blues!
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June 3, 2012

Our Week (In a Nutshell)

This week has been pretty great. Miles has been so happy and active- I really look forward to his smiling face every morning, no matter how sleepy I may be. One afternoon this week I was trying to entice Miles with a new rattle, but he only held onto it for a moment before becoming enamored with a cardboard box and plastic packing material that I'd just received from FedEx. Who needs toys when you've got boxes, right? Such a boy.

Miles and I spent Wednesday afternoon catching up with my wonderful friend Morgan and her kids. Her little ones are a bit older than Miles, so I enjoy seeing what I have to look forward to as he grows. And, of course, a visit with Morgan wouldn't be complete without boba!

On Friday- also known as National Doughnut Day- Miles and I ventured out to enjoy a day of thrift-storing and a chocolate sprinkled doughnut (obviously not for the baby, but he did enjoy trying to swipe it out of my hand!). The local thrift stores were chock full of things I have been looking for- a classic chambray shirt with a good fit, a grey skirt for fall, a silk scarf for summer, and a tray to keep in our master bathroom to hold my accessories. Finding a vintage edition of The New York Times Cookbook from the sixties was an added bonus. On Saturday he and I also went to a yard sale where I found two perfect little glass mugs and a set of six pretty little salt and pepper shakers. I'm fairly certain I didn't spend more than twenty dollars between the two days- how fantastic is that?

On Saturday, Parker's parents watched Miles for the afternoon, allowing Parker and I get lunch and get a nap in (okay, so I was the only one who took a nap). The weather was so perfect, and we sat in our living room talking and planning for the rest of our weekend. Some days I still can't get over how lucky I am to have a man like Parker in my life, who supports me and loves me and laughs with me every step of our life together!

Since the last time I posted, we've been transitioning Miles more fully to cloth diapers. I've found that I prefer the Flip diapers much more during the day- they're super easy to change and the prefolds work great as inserts. For nighttime, we use the BumGenius Freetime or 4.0 diaper. We have seven Flip covers, three BumGenius diapers, two dozen cotton prefolds, and four microfiber doublers. I don't like waiting to do diaper laundry once a week, so this way I've been able to throw the diaper covers and inserts with the regular laundry every three days...at most. The Rockin' Green detergent we've been using is so fantastic at keeping everything fresh and clean, too, so I'm really excited about having the cloth diapers become part of our regular routine. It doesn't hurt that I bought all the diapers we'll need with accessories for under $100 (the same as three months of buying disposable diapers from Amazon)!

Have a great week!
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