July 19, 2009


July has more family/friend birthdays in it than any other month in the year for me. So, I thought I'd give each of them a shout-out for...being alive and awesome. :)

Uncle Rob- July 2nd
Funny, a football fanatic, with the coolest living room ever, Uncle Rob cares about his family and loves the Tennessee life. He's way taller than his older sister (I guess we have to be resigned to our fates, right Mom?)

(Aunt) Tabitha- July 7th
Ever-trendy, Tabitha can be relied on for all things fashion, hair, and makeup- with a dose of her philosophies on life, she brings laughter to everyone!

Michael M. Parker- July 11th
Charming, witty, and ever-so-good-looking, he keeps the peace and manages to find time in his busy life to spend with me! He's my Disneyland man, the one I have all the inside jokes with, the one I quote movies to, the one who makes my heart flutter with a smile (I had to put something lovey-dovey in here, come on). He's just plain awesome.

Krystine- July 14th
My youngest sister and second youngest sibling, Krystine makes the funniest faces and often makes the whole family laugh with her accidental comments and klutziness. She's strong and pretty and I don't think she's allowed to grow up as fast as she is.

Mom- July 18th
Everything's under control when she's at the helm. She somehow pulls off keeping five kids and Dad clothed, fed, and well-behaved (in public, at least!). She loves denim and Birkenstocks, Trader Joe's and things organic...but she's not a hippie. She's also the one who got me hooked on Del Taco and Dr. Pepper- blame her!

Happy Birthday!


July 10, 2009

Summer Delirium

Summer is great in Santa Maria. The weather is perfect, there's fresh produce to be had (even though I don't really like fruit I love fresh berries), and there's plenty of options for fun outings with friends.
In the last two or three weeks I've been to two shows and seen seven bands, two of which are on my top twenty favorite musical groups/artists: mewithoutYou and Stephen Christian (of Anberlin and Anchor & Braille). I wouldn't say that Anberlin or Anchor & Braille are necessarily some of my favorite groups, though- I really just enjoy Stephen's vocals and lyrics. MewithoutYou definitely has some of the most interesting lyrics- not trite at all, they get you thinking and actually reference the Old Testament's teachings (although in the photo of me and the lead singer, he doesn't look very enthusiastic!). Anyway, Downtown Brew in SLO has a great summer lineup, and I'm really glad I got to meet the guys from these bands! I love live music so much- the energy and sound of a well-played chord or vocals at perfect pitch and harmony is almost like Christmas morn
ing for me (no comment from you, Parker). It's even more fun when a group of friends go together and experience the craziness together. What I liked about this show was that it was on a Thursday night which meant that the Farmer's Market in SLO was in full swing, with food and snacks and Dr. Pepper (although the Dr. Pepper was harder to find!) aplenty. Good times all around.

The 4th of July was spent mostly with dune buggies and customers. It was my first time working an eleven-hour day, and it actually wasn't too bad. It does always seem like the last two hours are the slowest, though! After work, I stopped by church for a little while but soon left to go home and flop contentedly into bed.
Other than that, life has been pretty easygoing. I'm going to take classes at Hancock this semester and I'll have to take Spanish (even though I don't really want to), but it should be fine. I'm still loving the car (now affectionately- or should I say accidentally- dubbed "the Rabbi" by Gabby), and- last but not least...
It's someone's birthday tomorrow! :)