February 26, 2013

CheeZe + Other Things

So, remember on my last post how I was all like, "Yeah! Fast food sucks! I haven't even given a drive-thru a second look!" and nonchalantly rocking this new diet change? I haven't caved and I'm super happy about that, but I have wanted to and it has been difficult to drive past McD's and into the health food store for a green juice. However, I do feel much better after having the juice so I try and focus on that. Miles is all for the juice and fresh fruits and veggies so that's an added bonus and I love mealtime where he and I can sit and eat together. Oh, and before I move on, I just want to reiterate that it is of the utmost importance to keep kinds of the "right" foods in the house! Between shopping trips is where things get real real.

Not as bad as it looks!
I've been doing a lot of research and looking into all these different diets (vegan vs. vegetarian vs. Paleo vs. Anne Hathaway's Les Mis diet) and instead of looking at where they differ, I've realized that they are all suggesting a plant-based diet (with the exception of Anne's starvation diet- obviously not suggesting it!). This isn't so bad- over the last month I've eaten way more veggies than I'm used to and I not only survived but also feel pretty good- however I know that I love bread, macaroni and cheese (note: I tried the Amy's Vegan Mac n' CheeZe- you know something isn't going to taste right if it's spelled with a Z- and did not enjoy it), and other things that definitely aren't "plant based". What I realized is that changing habits is a very slow process and it doesn't need to be all or nothing from the beginning. Changes take time, and all I need to do is the best I can. If I enjoy some real mac n' cheese every once in a while, it's okay. But I need to make sure I'm getting in a mostly plant-based diet. I forsee a juicer in my future.

Since 2013 is the Year of the Snake (my year) and my goals are to relearn how to take care of myself, what dietary change should I try next? I am thinking March will be No Dairy March. Gulp. That scares me and it's probably a sign that I should go for it.

Here's some photos of Miles and I from this last weekend (we are hoping to be in the next installment of Sakura Bloom's Sling Diaries so my sisters took pictures of Miles and I doing our evening neighborhood walk)!
We're always goofing around...
One of my favorite reasons to babywear- snuggles!
On our walk
Daily uniform- yoga wear, hat, and shoes without socks

I hope you're all having a great week!

February 15, 2013


"Enjoy your vegan cheese and lentil soups, sucker!"
I'm excited to say that Fast-Food Free February is already halfway over! I am feeling pretty great and have really only felt like caving once- two days ago, when Parker brought In-N-Out home for his dinner. It smelled so so good. Words can't describe how I wanted to jump into the car and get myself a cheeseburger and a chocolate shake! Thankfully, I stuck to my goal and today I when I stepped on the scale I noticed a new low which was a nice little incentive to keep going!

I thought I'd share one of my new substitutions for my typical Starbucks drink along with some of my guides and inspirations for eating better:

I've started ordering the Light version and the taste isn't different enough to keep ordering the regular version, which is great. If I absolutely need to have whipped cream I can just add it but I'm starting to get used to not having any. 

I've been watching various food documentaries on Netflix like Food, Inc. and Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead, and I've started thinking more and more about trying a vegan diet. Don't get me wrong, I still love a beautiful leather bag, shoes, or jacket- I just want to see the difference a vegan diet would make in how I feel, my energy level, my skin, and my weight. I think my favorite movie I've watched so far is Food Matters because although it recommends a total vegan diet, it comes from an approach of "do what you can" instead of quitting every food you know and love cold turkey. I definitely recommend watching this movie first.

As far as books go, the two I've read are Skinny Bitch and Mama Glow. They are both great for practical tips on what to avoid and lists of foods to try. If you're trying to get pregnant, Mama Glow has a pre-conception chapter that will help prep your body for pregnancy (and, of course, focuses mainly on pregnancy, birth, and motherhood).

Have you ever tried a vegan or vegetarian diet? If not, would you ever consider it? I'd love to hear.

Happy Weekend!

February 10, 2013

恭禧发财! (Happy New Year!)

photo credit
Today marks the beginning of the Chinese New Year- I'm particularly excited because it is the Year of the Snake (my year)! Even though I'm not Chinese, I've always felt a connection and interest with the Chinese language and culture. And, of course, the food.

Do you celebrate the Chinese New Year? If so, how? I'd love to hear!


February 7, 2013

Baby Steps, Part II

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I have to tell you all that this is possibly the slowest week I've experienced in a long time. I decided that for the month of February, I wouldn't eat any fast food. I know to some of you this is no big deal, but for me this is hopefully the first baby step in what will be a lifelong appreciation for my physical body and what it is capable of.

Since Miles was born it had just become so much easier to head to the nearest drive-thru and grab something I could eat in the car on my way home. The more I thought about this new habit, the more I felt grossed out by it. Obviously, the number on the scale started going up bit by bit and then I just felt helpless and grossed out and tired. Once Miles was old enough to start on solids, I researched to no end and put all my efforts into making sure Miles was introduced to healthy foods; meanwhile, I didn't care at all what was going into my own body. The New Year came and went, taking a pregnancy with it. When I had the miscarriage I just felt foggy and so physically heavy with sadness that I didn't even feel like eating- when I did, it was fast food. A big part of why I'm going back to the basics of eating well is because I'm desperately trying to find tangible ways to treat my body more carefully and with respect, because all I've felt lately is that it's a failure which just disappoints me again and again. I think it's normal to feel that disappointment; however, my body also gave me the gift of Miles and the ability to nourish him in his first months of his life. The more I study science, the more I appreciate the endless to-do list that my body goes through every second of every minute of every day, just to function as it should. I am starting to see the value in this body, and I am grateful for it.  

Like many of the realizations I've had since becoming a mother, Miles has inspired me to live more fully in ways I never expected. Before he started walking on his own, he would grip my hands so tightly that it would cut off circulation to my fingers. We've walked this way together for months, and I don't know what changed in his mind on that first day he decided to finally let go and try to walk on his own, but the look of pure joy on his face when he realized for himself what he can do- that was my inspiration. It's been a week now and I can already tell a difference in my energy level and, overall, I feel pretty darn great. That's not to say that I don't crave a cheeseburger, but I have plenty of healthy alternatives stocked up in my fridge and that has been key in keeping hunger and the temptation to drive-thru at bay. So, while I'm cautiously optimistic about continuing on, I do still have twenty-one days to go! Keep your fingers crossed for me.

PS- If you have any go-to recipes that are healthy and somewhat quick to prepare, leave a link or the recipe in the comments! I'm planning on trying some new ones in the next weeks and I will share all my favorites.

Much love to you all!

February 4, 2013

Baby Steps

Over the last week and a half Miles has really started walking to the point where he is now walking just as much, if not a little more, than he crawls. In the beginning I really slathered the praise on thick, clapping and saying, "Yay!" every time he would walk, sway, and then plop onto his little cushion of a diaper. I soon realized that as soon as he would walk anywhere he'd glance back at me for praise, so I started trying to help him realize that he should be proud of himself instead of constantly looking back for validation. I started saying things like, "Look at you walking! You must love going from room to room!" and he would smile proudly and continue on his way. Now walking is becoming a normal part of his day and I can tell how much he enjoys his newly discovered method of transportation. As a mama, I certainly feel so proud of my baby boy! If I feel this much joy out of his steps, I can't imagine how I'll feel in other upcoming moments like riding a bike or going to school...sniff.

I have to tell how how proud this last photo makes me. He is so my child! I make this face all the time and I can't help but love every inch of his little stinker mug.

 Happy Monday!