February 10, 2013

恭禧发财! (Happy New Year!)

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Today marks the beginning of the Chinese New Year- I'm particularly excited because it is the Year of the Snake (my year)! Even though I'm not Chinese, I've always felt a connection and interest with the Chinese language and culture. And, of course, the food.

Do you celebrate the Chinese New Year? If so, how? I'd love to hear!



lisacng @ expandng.com said...

How cool with the Chinese blog post title! And Happy New Year to you! We visited my mom and Alan's parents in Philly. Had dinner together and just had fun as a family. We don't do anything traditional traditional. You go out?

Benlovesting said...

I'm a Chinese and I celebrate chinese new year, love it so much! During chinese new year, my country Singapore always have night market which sells all the chinese goodies:
http://www.benlovesting.com/2013/02/chinese-new-year.html ( part I )
http://www.benlovesting.com/2013/02/chinese-new-year_3.html ( part II )

Anyway, lovely blog! x