February 4, 2013

Baby Steps

Over the last week and a half Miles has really started walking to the point where he is now walking just as much, if not a little more, than he crawls. In the beginning I really slathered the praise on thick, clapping and saying, "Yay!" every time he would walk, sway, and then plop onto his little cushion of a diaper. I soon realized that as soon as he would walk anywhere he'd glance back at me for praise, so I started trying to help him realize that he should be proud of himself instead of constantly looking back for validation. I started saying things like, "Look at you walking! You must love going from room to room!" and he would smile proudly and continue on his way. Now walking is becoming a normal part of his day and I can tell how much he enjoys his newly discovered method of transportation. As a mama, I certainly feel so proud of my baby boy! If I feel this much joy out of his steps, I can't imagine how I'll feel in other upcoming moments like riding a bike or going to school...sniff.

I have to tell how how proud this last photo makes me. He is so my child! I make this face all the time and I can't help but love every inch of his little stinker mug.

 Happy Monday!


Chantal said...

Yay! I love love love it now that my daughter walks. Seeing her toddle from room to room is SO cute. And we have so many opportunities for things to do, like going on walks outside.

lisacng @ expandng.com said...

Aw, that stinker face! Haha! And good for you for helping Miles feel proud of himself for walking, not just to please you! That's a great way to instill confidence as tasks get harder and harder in their lives. Happy Tuesday!

wilson tom said...

So cute pics and babies first step is one of the most memorable moment of parens life. I am a new follower via GFC

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