January 31, 2013

Feeling the Chemistry

The semester has started and I am loving it. I'm feeling really confident and I earned a 100% on my first quiz, which was exciting and has infused me with energy for the coming weeks. One week down, sixteen to go!
I'm going to kick this semester in the boo-tay!
What else has been going on? Well, Miles has really been walking a lot. I love it! He toddles around with his little arms up for balance and it is probably the cutest thing I've ever seen (although I always say that about him). Last weekend, we helped my brother move out of his apartment and Miles had a great time crawling between all of us and then just took off walking across the living room, doing his dinosaur growl the whole time. He is such a little ham.
He could watch me turn my bedside lamp on and off all day and still get excited each time! He loves lights!
Walking with Uncle Ernie
My little baby is turning into a boy in what feels like a blink! 
I can't believe Miles is thirteen months old already. Even in just looking from last month to this month, he is so different- new teeth, new steps, new words... My absolute favorite thing is when he gives me hugs and kisses, because he's definitely not a clingy baby. To have my independent little explorer want to stop for a little cuddle time is always welcome and I treasure it with all my heart!

And, of course, before I go...new shoes! They're soft leather ballet flats from Zara with an embellished heel. They're a twist on a classic but I get so many compliments because I suppose people really notice a little extra bling!

Happy Thursday!


Brewed Together said...

He is adorable!

Lippylash said...

Wooow what a cutie!!!!!!

lisacng @ expandng.com said...

Aw, dinosaur growl! Haha. Great that he's comfortable exploring on his own but also loves to cuddle and kiss. It's the best. Love the shoes!

Chantal said...

I can't believe Penny is 13.5 months old now! How is time moving so quick?