January 13, 2013

Time Goes By...So Slowly

Yes, I'm quoting Madonna. No, I'm not embarrassed! It's perfectly fitting for how I've been feeling lately. Now that I've settled in to being pregnant again and getting ready for the crazy, wonderful ride that will be two babies, I feel like time has started crawling again. I'm taking this as a good thing (more time with Miles, more time to mentally sort everything out) but there's also things I'm so curious to know about this little Blueberry (that's what Parker and I are calling this one "in utero"- Miles was Bean). Thank goodness I have an appointment with Dr. K tomorrow- I want to see that little heart beating and make sure there's only one little Blueberry in there! 
Always looking at the lights
My little Bean
Baby Zoolander strikes again
That lip!
In the meantime, I'm enjoying spending as much time as I can with Miles. He is getting so close to walking full-time on his own but doesn't like it when he falls. I don't blame him. He is so dramatic sometimes, and it cracks me up- but if I actually laugh at his little antics, he'll just stick out his lower lip and lay his head down on the floor very slowly and turn his face away. Then he checks to see if I'm still looking at him. I'll rub his back and say, "Now, now, baby- come back and play with Mama!" and he'll decide whether or not he's done pouting (I don't dare laugh then or the whole thing starts over!). What I'd like to know is how a twelve-month old baby knows how to put on such a show!

I'll update tomorrow after my doctor's appointment! I hope you all had a good weekend.


lisacng @ expandng.com said...

Love his baby Zoolander face, so serious! And you are thinking it might be twins! Whoa! And how cute is pouting Miles. Awwwwww! Must be so heart warming.

Yaƫl Ricquier said...

awwww so cute!