June 22, 2012

This Week the Trend: Rockin' Green Detergent

When I was pregnant with sweet baby Miles, I started doing a lot of baby-related research (as I think a lot of us first-time mamas do). When I first decided that cloth diapering might be something I wanted to try- although I didn't fully commit until after he was born- it became apparent that the detergent used for baby clothes and cloth diapers needed to be chosen carefully (this went on The List of Things I Never Thought I'd Care About, somewhere after the amount, color, and consistency of poop). Anyway, Rockin' Green was recommended to me and it definitely rocks. I really love how this brand was created by a mom looking for an eco-friendly solution to a problem! Not only can you choose your detergent specifically for your water type, there are several scents to choose from (we go with Bare Naked Babies, which is unscented) and it contains no fillers, no enzymes or optical brighteners, is phosphate-free, and vegan. It is the definition of hippie magic, and it's definitely not just hype- it gets the job done! (They were also kind enough to let me guest blog for them last month- it was a lot of fun!)

And now for the link-up (side note: thank you everyone who participated last week- I was so excited to see your entries)! "This Week the Trend" is a way to showcase your current must-have that you find yourself reaching for constantly: it could be a book you can't put down, new music, a product for yourself/home/babies, fashion find, etc! Here are the rules:

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(Note: This week I'm also linking up with Naptime Review and her Favorite Product Fridays!)


lisacng said...

I won't link up since i'm taking a break from blogging, will still be here tho!, but I'm currently obsessing over Arbonne skin products. All natural!

Kat said...

Hi! I am originally from the central coast. Now residing in rainy Washington. I'm you're newest follower. I would appreciate the follow back!


Jelli said...

I love Rockin' Green! We have the watermelon scent, and though the diapers don't come out smelling like fruit, I love the scent anyway. We love cloth diapering, but of course, it's not for everyone. Thanks for linking up with Monday Mom Musings!