June 18, 2012

Our Week (In a Nutshell)

Ah, the day I've been waiting for- June 18th. The beginning of two months of absolute insanity! I'm taking ten units of coursework this summer, and I've been filled with anticipation, ready to dig in and learn...I may be one of the few crazies out there who enjoy this sort of thing. I'm getting ahead of myself, though- let's backtrack through the last week!

Last Monday began with a checkup at Miles's pediatrician's office to see how his weight is doing since we began the sudden transition to formula over the last month or so. He's almost fourteen pounds and the doctor was very happy with his weight gain- such a relief! I still try and nurse him, even if it's just a comfort, so it's not such an abrupt change for him to no longer be nursing. After his appointment, we walked around downtown SLO and got our lunch favorites: I enjoyed The Habit, while Parker got his favorite tri-tip sandwich from Firestone. We were going to take Miles on his first beach adventure, but it was quite cold and overcast so we decided to postpone it for another day.

The next couple days we spent at home (soaking up as much time as possible to just relax before the summer session starts), and Miles sat up unassisted for the first time! I was one proud mama. I can't believe how fast he's growing and changing. On Thursday, we spent another afternoon with Morgan and her little ones, enjoying boba and chatting.

Before I knew it, the weekend was upon us yet again! I love having Parker home, and one of our weekend routines is to set aside periods of time for ourselves individually, together for a date, and together as our little family. It's so nice to have Parker's parents in the same area, because they love having Miles over on Saturdays so we can do this!

Saturday night was a laugh and a half, no doubt about it. It started with Miles waking up and having a hard time going back to sleep- I think it was around four-thirty in the morning. He had just fallen back asleep when Gus started barking incessantly. Parker said, "Well, that's not good if only Gus is barking...I know that bark! It's his 'Roscoe's got something I want and he's not giving it!' bark. I better go check." I was already back half-asleep at this point, and tried to convince him it was the neighbor dog and that Gus would stop barking in a minute...but of course, Parker was right. We tiptoed past Miles's room, out to the backyard to discover that our dogs had killed a possum in our backyard and were playing tug-o-war with it! I was horrified, and Parker went and unceremoniously picked up with possum with a shovel, tossing it over the fence into our front yard so he could put it in the trash bin without the dogs trying to get at it. When we finally got back into bed, we were laughing at how ridiculous our dogs are and how I'm convinced that possums are evil. Our conversation went something like this:

Me: Ugh gross gross gross! I hate possums!
Parker: What's the difference between a possum and a raccoon? How do they even get around? Do they hang from trees?
Me: All I know is that they are the spawn of Satan- I don't know if they teleport, or just spontaneously appear, but they are nasty! PS, Happy Father's Day!
Parker: ...thanks.

So Sunday was Parker's first Father's Day- Miles and I gave him his card and presents in the morning, did some errands at Costco and Trader Joe's, and then we went over to Parker's parents' house again that evening for dinner with his side of the family. I just have to say, I am amazed at how my honey has just taken to being a dad so naturally. He is great with Miles and I know Miles is going to look up to him and have so much fun with his dad growing up!

Happy Monday, everyone!
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