June 23, 2012

Our Week (In a Nutshell)

What a week! It seemed never-ending for a while (Parker was up to his eyeballs in work this week and it felt like I hardly saw him), but now that I'm sitting here on Saturday night, I realize that time really doesn't stop. In less than one week, my sweet baby Miles will be six months old. Six months. How is this even possible? When I was barely out of the first trimester, spending most of my time in the bathroom from terrible morning sickness, I'd tell myself to imagine what life would be like in a year, with a six-month old baby- and how all the sickness would be worth it. It totally was.

Oh no you didn't. 
This week I got to spend time with my mama friends twice (so much fun to talk and laugh and eat yummy food). Somewhere at the beginning of this week Miles started napping and sleeping at night without his swaddle blanket- a surprisingly easy transition. He is getting better and better at sitting up by himself, and when he's lying on his stomach he is really trying to figure out how to crawl. We're starting the process now of babyproofing, so that when he really is mobile we won't be in an absolute panic. I also bought a Baby-Led Weaning cookbook so that I can start introducing food into Miles's diet when he turns six months old. Yesterday, I discovered someone stole my debit card information and went on an online shopping spree. This filled me with a NeNe-like rage... I feel better now.

It feels nice to have Parker home for the weekend, and with my summer courses having Sunday deadlines, it's nice to know that everything is already finished tonight, so I have a completely free day with my family tomorrow.

And that's our week in a nutshell!

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