June 3, 2012

Our Week (In a Nutshell)

This week has been pretty great. Miles has been so happy and active- I really look forward to his smiling face every morning, no matter how sleepy I may be. One afternoon this week I was trying to entice Miles with a new rattle, but he only held onto it for a moment before becoming enamored with a cardboard box and plastic packing material that I'd just received from FedEx. Who needs toys when you've got boxes, right? Such a boy.

Miles and I spent Wednesday afternoon catching up with my wonderful friend Morgan and her kids. Her little ones are a bit older than Miles, so I enjoy seeing what I have to look forward to as he grows. And, of course, a visit with Morgan wouldn't be complete without boba!

On Friday- also known as National Doughnut Day- Miles and I ventured out to enjoy a day of thrift-storing and a chocolate sprinkled doughnut (obviously not for the baby, but he did enjoy trying to swipe it out of my hand!). The local thrift stores were chock full of things I have been looking for- a classic chambray shirt with a good fit, a grey skirt for fall, a silk scarf for summer, and a tray to keep in our master bathroom to hold my accessories. Finding a vintage edition of The New York Times Cookbook from the sixties was an added bonus. On Saturday he and I also went to a yard sale where I found two perfect little glass mugs and a set of six pretty little salt and pepper shakers. I'm fairly certain I didn't spend more than twenty dollars between the two days- how fantastic is that?

On Saturday, Parker's parents watched Miles for the afternoon, allowing Parker and I get lunch and get a nap in (okay, so I was the only one who took a nap). The weather was so perfect, and we sat in our living room talking and planning for the rest of our weekend. Some days I still can't get over how lucky I am to have a man like Parker in my life, who supports me and loves me and laughs with me every step of our life together!

Since the last time I posted, we've been transitioning Miles more fully to cloth diapers. I've found that I prefer the Flip diapers much more during the day- they're super easy to change and the prefolds work great as inserts. For nighttime, we use the BumGenius Freetime or 4.0 diaper. We have seven Flip covers, three BumGenius diapers, two dozen cotton prefolds, and four microfiber doublers. I don't like waiting to do diaper laundry once a week, so this way I've been able to throw the diaper covers and inserts with the regular laundry every three days...at most. The Rockin' Green detergent we've been using is so fantastic at keeping everything fresh and clean, too, so I'm really excited about having the cloth diapers become part of our regular routine. It doesn't hurt that I bought all the diapers we'll need with accessories for under $100 (the same as three months of buying disposable diapers from Amazon)!

Have a great week!
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Anonymous said...

Thanks again for coming over with the little man and hanging out with us...it was great! And thank you for boba, it had been so long since I had some!
And I'm seriously jealous of your thrifting scores...I want to go so bad! I need to head out sometime this week. :)

Whitney @ The Sweetest Things said...

I love your sweet little boy! I loved seeing him with his little hippy necklace and cloth diaper, it was the cutest! We need to get together much more often! :)