January 13, 2009

Books, TV, and Other Particulars

Here's the sitch: January is a busy month! There are a couple different work possibilities and back to school plans in the works, which are exactly what I need. Last semester was a slump and I'm anxious to get to work and schoolin' again.
I'm also thinking of the new TV season. Since the familia only has two channels (NBC and CBS) and often the TV is already being used in some way or another (Ernie and the Xbox...Paul and his Sesame Street/Elmo potty-training DVD...that's right, brought to you by the letter P and the number 2), I'm not much of a television junkie. I just finished up the last season of Gilmore Girls on DVD thanks to Parker, and Ashley is my television buddy. We've been watching Momma's Boys (shut it, Parker) and the new season of the Biggest Loser just started last Tuesday so that's exciting. Other than that...not sure what to watch besides the reliable (attractive) Craig Ferguson. I get annoyed with criminal/detective-y stuff and I don't have the channel for American Idol...so, I turn to books.
I've realized that while I love the thrift store and used book stores and adore Barnes & Nobles, I'm really picky when it comes to the way a book smells. I mean, books are like friends. Each one's got a story. But if one of them has an awful stink, we're not going to see very much of each other. That's a horrible analogy...and not ezackly what I meant...but you get the gist. So what am I reading? Alice loaned me Born to Kvetch and it's pretty interesting thus far. Yay for Yiddish is what I always say!
Well, since it's late and I have internet at home again (yippee!), I'll write more later. Adios amigos!



Anonymous said...

Craig Ferguson is gay...
~Anonymous (And in no way is this a slightly jealous boyfriend)

Ashley said...

lol, tv buddies huh? im ok with that. I kind of feel bad that we watch so much of it! oh well. and yes. Mr. furguson is..beautiful. oh casual friday. you bring out the best in him!

Veralynn said...

Well we're obviously more than just TV buddies! But I like the fact that we can just talk and watch TV- it's great. Plus, a mutual love for Craig- what more do we need?