January 25, 2009


Someone said to me last week, "Thrift stores are so last year." To that I say, boo on you! I have been finding nothing short of amazing things in Santa Maria's fine thrifting (is that a word?) establishments these last two Saturdays. The tally?

Four books
Four nice comfy shirts
Three dresses
Three skirts
Two black cardigans (one nice and one pretty)
A pair of Seven jeans 
A pair of regular jeans (Seven jeans get their own category)
A cream colored cropped cardigan
A toasty Hollister vest (that I intend to take to college winter camp- it's perfect!)
A pretty white shirt by Express
(A partridge in a pear tree? Sadly, not on sale)

And all this for under the cost of the aforementioned Seven jeans at regular price. Yippee! I do love shopping.


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