June 12, 2009

California Livin'

Lately I've felt like a total California girl. For one, it's summertime and the weather here is something generally envied by everyone who doesn't live in California. The other reasons are new to my life. Want to hear them? I knew you did...

Firstly, I got a job! What's more, a full-time job in Pismo Beach! I can't imagine a better job at this time in my life. I get paid to work in a store with the Pacific almost right outside the door, and sometimes actually working right from the beach. What am I doing? I'm working for a company that rents dune buggies and ATVs to people wanting to ride on the Oceano Dunes. They've been featured on the Travel Channel's Extreme Playtime, MTV, and Rolling Stone (voted Best Near-Death Experience...haha)- based in Las Vegas with this store in Pismo. I get to help run the retail store on the Pismo strip, shuttle people to and from the store to the beach, and help people with their rental paperwork so they can get from the store to the fun as soon as possible. I've already gotten to meet some pretty awesome people
, and part of my training was to take a dune buggie on a ride around the dunes, just to try it out! It was seriously one of the most fun things I've ever done. The dunes are crazy and unpredictable- that combined with the ocean view (there were a bunch of dolphins in sight!) and breeze...some serious fun. Can you believe I found this job on Craigslist?Secondly, I got a car! It's pretty...a 2008 Volkswagen Rabbit. I love it so much. Parker may say that's because I'm a hippie, and that may or may not be true.The only downer in this story is that because I got this job and have a car payment now (isn't it great being a grown-up?), I have to quit Late Service. I'll definitely miss the Del Taco laughs and the other banditos, as Jason calls them...but for now it must be done. Of course I'm still an ever-ardent Late Service lover and plan on being at Late Service as much as possible, even if I can't play with the band. :(

What else is new? Well, today I cleaned and totally rearranged my room. I am definitely satisfied with the way just moving my furniture gives my room a whole new feel. Feng Shui? Maybe... maybe not.

The only other news of note is that in a little over a month the Grandparents Modert and Uncle Rob arrive from the East (also known as Tennessee)- and on Monday, Parker and I are going to Disneyland! This makes five times in a seven-month span (seven-monthiversary on Sunday!)...it never gets old. Ooh, and Parker and I are getting matching Disn
eyland license plate frames! Alrighty, time to hang with the old man (Dad).

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