May 26, 2009

"Wouldn't You Like a Nice, Cool Glass of Lemonade?"

A weird title, I know. Since summer is coming, lately I've been thinking about summery things- like swimming, roadtrips...and lemonade. Sometimes you pour yourself a glass and it's perfectly sweet with just the right tang; sometimes you take a sip and your face automatically crinkles up from the sourness (at least I do- am I the only one?). So now imagine me saying philosophically, "Life is like a glass of lemonade..." Well, that's kinda how I feel! I mean, when you get that sour sip of lemonade, summer itself is still great, right? And the perfect glass makes it all the more sweet.
That's the refreshing thing about knowing that God is in control of it all- when I feel that friends have let me down, that maybe my life isn't going exactly as it was planned a year or two ago (actually a great thing when I think about it), I'm restless for life to "get started"...I can trust that God has it all under control and that He wants me to make the most of my life now, a life that's already in full swing and with more sweetness than I could ever imagine or deserve.



Anonymous said...

Don't squeeze too hard.

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Brittany Mae said...

I enjoyed reading this blog! And I've been itching for summer to be here.. just the other day I made myself a nice big pitcher of lemonade, it was amazing:)