November 29, 2009

Christmas Has Been Called

Although Parker called Christmas officially on my birthday, I think it's only been a few days now that it's really felt like the wintery, blissful time that is the Christmas season. Lights have gone up, the trees are out, the weather is definitely crisp and cold in the evenings, and when I take a walk outside I can see and smell the smoke coming out of neighborhood chimneys. It's glorious, really. And to think that the reason for which Christmas was intended is for so much more than presents and lights, as great as those are. 

Christmas has different tasks for me this year than years previously, since Parker has a house now! Soon, the decorations will be coming out and he'll be getting a real tree. I've already started using my holiday-themed candles when I'm at the house to help the cause, and he bought a baby Christmas tree which we named Wall-E. It's such a perfect house for all the cozy aspects of Christmas!

Today when I went to the house, my mom came over for a nice glass of Dr. Pepper and to chat for a bit (also, she repaired a pesky light fixture that no one else could figure out, so that was extremely helpful and awesome). She noticed as we were talking that we had a visitor in the backyard, which turned out to be a pretty and friendly dog. We went outside to introduce ourselves, and the dog was very happy just trotting in the grass and sniffing around, but we convinced her to leave (although keeping her crossed my mind). 

After that, we talked some more about the first night that Parker was moving in. That night I was fastening some cute outlet covers (it's amazing to me at this point in my life just how excited I am about outlet covers; they just pull a room together), accidentally moved a wire and after a zap- poof- the lights were out. We had to call Mr. Dave Way to the scene where he heroically (to us) proceeded to fix the damage while marveling and saying, "What retards!" to the electrical setup of said outlet. The funny thing was, right after he left, we had a problem with the plumbing...sigh. But it's all good, because Casa de Parker (the official name for the house is yet to be decided- suggestions? Mine so far is the Blue Bayou) is wonderful, and you don't need to be afraid to use the light switch or the bathroom because both work fine now. 

Did I mention how strange to me it is to be so interested in all matters home and garden? I'm feeling very domesticated, but awesome at the same time because we're pretty much doing everything ourselves and it's a nice sense of accomplishment to look around and know that it's our own hard work that has made the house a home. Although, where painting is concerned, we did have help from great friends, and it looks great! The previous owner seemed to just adore yellow- yellow kitchen, yellow living room, yellow hallway- but now it seems a lot warmer which two shades of chocolate and a light blue. I love it.

Pictures should be coming soon!


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Michael said...

Let me just say, if you did this to your house I would not complain.