November 17, 2009


It's my birthday! I'm officially out of the teens and into that mysterious decade known as the 20s...and I think I like it. Last night my friends and I gathered at Chef Rick's for my birthday dinner, and it was fabulous! I walked in and there was a long table set up with flowers, candles, balloons, and "Happy 20th Birthday, Veralynn!" printed on the menus. Chef Rick sent out some scrumptious coconut shrimp appetizers for us and soon after there were a moments of happy silence as we all began eating. Brittany and Gabby had never had Chef Rick's before so I was excited to see what they thought of my favorite restaurant- the reviews were all positive! 
There were definitely a couple highlights of the evening for me. I think my favorite part of the night was when everyone was singing to me- it was just so happy to hear their voices and see them smiling and just thank God that we're all friends. Later on, Parker came by after he got off work and- dun dun dun- he held Adelaide! This is something that's been in the works for a while but now he can say that he's held a baby and she survived. I just thought the whole thing was adorable, even if Parker looked way less than thrilled. To top things off, Mikey and his lady friend bought me Domo car dice and a Domo energy drink! It was just too much awesomeness in one sitting.
After Chef Rick's, I met Tanya, Ashley, Brittany, and Gabby over at Starbucks for warm drinks and the Christmas atmosphere (yay!). We proceeded to talk about all kinds of things, laugh about even more things, and eventually piled into Tanya's car once Starbucks closed. I left at midnight and drove home, climbed into my cozy bed and chatted with my man on Facebook. Just as we said goodnight and I started to fall asleep, my phone buzzed twice with two different Facebook statuses from Tanya and Ashley saying that Tanya's car battery had died in the 'Bucks parking lot! (Remember this is after one in the morning...) So I called Parker, picked him up (where he promptly told me my Domo dice were illegally displayed from my rearview mirror. Poor Domo, he didn't know!), and we drove to Betteravia where we tried to revive Tanya's car, to no avail. Parker then used his connections to get SMPD to help, and they did-with success! After saying goodnight to Parker one more time, I drove home and sat outside for a little bit in hopes of seeing a meteor or two...and I did see some! It was a lovely end to the evening, but my actual birthday is just starting! We'll see how that goes! :)


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Brittany Mae said...

What a fabulous night it was! Welcome to your twenties Veralynn :)