March 31, 2009

The Scheme O' Things

(This day last year, I was packing my things, getting ready to leave Germany. It's still amazing to me that a year has already gone by!)

On Sunday I walked to the place I usually sit at church to find Deja and her week-old baby, Davonna. I got to hold her during worship, and she was perfectly sweet in the usual baby way: she smelled like baby, had little baby fingers, made cute little baby was so crazy to think that she was Deja's baby girl, though! Two things I noticed about her: she has a good nose, and very long fingers (for piano playing, I've decided). Beautiful!

It's really weird to think that I'm at the place in life now where friends I've known for years are getting married and having babies! I suppose someday it'll be my turn (even more weird to think about). But as much as I loved holding little Davonna and thinking about these things, I was really content giving her back to Deja. It's a great feeling, trusting God with the timing of everything that's going to happen in my life.

This past Sunday an opportunity was brought to me to consider and pray about- a chance to play piano for the new 8 a.m. church service Grace Baptist is adding to Sunday mornings. I've really been hashing this out in my mind, because it is a different situation from the Late Service- the music is different and challenging (I like that), there's a whole new group of people I'd be playing with (that's a crazier dynamic to me), and it would also mean non-negotiable commitments in my schedule (a practice night and Sundays, of course). Also, this would literally mean staying at church all day Sundays. Being there early to practice and set up, the actual service, Sunday school and/or playing flute in the traditional service, Late Service practice, Late Service. There are little gaps of time in there, which is nice, and honestly I don't mind playing music all day long...just another thing to consider. We shall see!

On the job front, I've recently discovered two possibilities, both I'm going to try and apply for tomorrow. If anything exciting happens, I'll be sure to post it in glee. I need employment!

Yesterday Parker and I had a Scrubs marathon that lasted pretty much all day. Parker slept for half of it (maybe not half, but I didn't mind- he needs the sleep!) Beforehand we had lunch at the Jetty, and somewhere in the middle we watched something about guns on the History Channel. At some point, Parker's dad tickled my feet, thinking they were Parker's, which was funny but then had me thinking- do I have man feet (??), and Mama Parker kept trying to take pictures of me, so I hid under a blanket (I wasn't feeling photogenic). I haven't been much of a fan of getting my picture taken since Parker said I look better in person (golly). Then we had dinner and just relaxed 'til Parker was falling asleep for realsies and I needed to go home.

Oh, one more thing. Mom and I got to have an Olive Garden date and I was really happy about it! We don't to hang out very much, just the two of us, so getting to eat breadsticks and gab was a whole lot of fun.



Morgan Jane said...

Ha ha. I doubt you have man feet, and I'm sure Parker saying you look better in person was a really nice compliment, that just happened to come out wrong. :)

Veralynn said...

Thanks Morgan! That's comforting. I'm totally just teasing him- he says really nice things all the time, but now we have a 30-second rule where he has thirty seconds to switch around anything that comes out funny so I don't get the wrong idea. :)