April 1, 2009

Who's the April Fool?

Not me. Well, kinda. I totally forgot it was April Fool's Day. When I remembered, I was really glad that no one tried to pull something on me, because I would've been totally clueless. I guess I was still clueless, because this afternoon when I went to PCPA to put in my application (I want to work there so badly! I love PCPA- plus employees get free and discounted tickets!), Gabby and I saw Stephen, who told us that Pepsi bought out Coca-Cola...and we fell for it. Gosh! The consequence of that being that I remained skeptical of everything Stephen said for the rest of the day.

This morning was pretty nice. I woke up around nine and read for a while in bed, just relaxing (which was really nice!)...I started dozing a little bit and was startled by my phone ringing. It was Parker asking if I wanted to go with him to Albertson's, which I did since I love going to the store with him (it's probably one of my favorite outings that we go on together). So we went a-shopping and had a fun time. I really like watching Parker shop- he's so random! Like when he'll put something in the cart at the beginning of the trip, continue shopping, and then at the last possible moment take it out of the cart and put it back. Seriously! It cracks me up.

Today I've been in deep thought (gasp!) about what to do with education-related possibilities. I've realized, after thinking I would enjoy philosophy/sociology-type things...I really don't. I like puzzles I can solve. I like systematically analyzing and dissecting things, or putting things together. I love traveling and languages (I've always loved languages), and writing. And I like helping people. I have no idea what this leads to. Oy. I hope to figure it out soon so I can maybe start moving in any sort of progressive direction.

Sigh...I just got April Fool'd again. Darn it.


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