April 13, 2009

All Jumbled Up

This last weekend has been so confusing! Starting Thursday with the Maundy Thursday service- afterwards the Late Service crew had practice from around 8:15 to 10:45 p.m.! That's kinda what started throwing me off, since we usually just have practice Sunday afternoons. Then Saturday night we had a special Late Service (the Holy Saturday Service) which had me thinking it was Sunday...and then after Late Service Jason, Justin, and I practiced for the Easter Sunrise Service, which was Sunday morning at 6 a.m.!
Easter morning my alarm clock went off at 4:30 and I sat up and said groggily, "Hmmmmmph...I...love...Jesus..." I drove over to the church with Dad at around 5:15 and started setting up for the service. On-duty Parker was already at the church so that was great (and weird- I'm not used to waking up while he's still working!) and a group of people scurried back and forth from the church setting up chairs and getting the portable sound system set up...and lugging my keyboard outside (thanks, Jason and Collin!)...then Greg came with Starbucks for Jason, Justin, and I (which was amazing and much-needed!).
As the service started, it was encouraging to see how many people decided to wake up so early on a weekend morning to worship God, outside and in the cold. It was even more encouraging to see the people who came early to help set up chairs, put them away, and have breakfast ready after the service. (It was funny to see the looks people gave us driving by, and funnier when they decided to make faces and wave...) My favorite part was hearing everyone worship and hearing the music as the sun started coming up over the church and over the hills in the far distance. It was the joy of knowing the resolution of the Easter story, and knowing that we're forgiven because of God's love for us.
Later, the grandparents Leos came for the 11 a.m. service and lunch. They got to meet Parker before he went home to sleep, and gave their thumbs-up. And then we did the normal ritual: go back to our house, situate on the couch, watch golf, and nap. Good times.
Easter ended with my family together around the table, laughing and talking with slices of pizza in hand. I mentioned being confused because of all the services and that it didn't feel like a Sunday, to which Ernie said, "Well, at least you know tomorrow's Tuesday." And I actually had to think about it! Oy. Thankfully, today I'm back on schedule and know what day of the week it is.


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Brittany Mae said...

You sure had a busy Easter weekend, but I so enjoyed Sunrise service, I'm happy that you played at it:)