March 5, 2009

Lovin' Them Golden Oldies

Tonight was the Keenager/College group dinner at church, and it was great fun (I was giggling nearly the entire time)! I got to sit at the McKays' table, which was ideal, because I love those two couples and the McKay gentlemen in particular are my buddies. Tonight, I particularly noticed similarities between Mrs. Bob McKay and my grandma Joyce (or Tennessee Grandma, as Parker likes to call her). The way she talks and uses her hands when she talks- she even said, "Oh mercy!" like Grandma does! I loved it. Anyway, the dinner was really fun. Some highlights:

  • When Mr. Phil McKay was asking me about Paul, one of the other ladies asked (in a hushed, shocked tone) if he was mine.
  • When Mr. McKay (still Phil) asked me about my boyfriend, the unknowing portion of the table assumed he was talking about Paul (since learning he was my cute little brother, wrapped around his finger, etc.), and when Mr. McKay asked what he did for a living, one of the ladies exclaimed, "Oh! You've got a real boyfriend! Not that I didn't think it was possible. You look alright."
  • During one of our quiz games about texting, having the gentlman next to me throw down his pen and say, "I don't care for this one bit. What I'd like is some more dessert."
  • Before Justin and I played a contemporary song, I was known as "The flute girl." Afterwards, I heard, "You play in that Late loud band?" :)
  • Hearing the phrase, "Honest Injun?" I mean, that's just fun.
  • Trying to keep from laughing during prayer with Hannah and Stephen. What troublemakers.
All in all, I had a great time. The odds of anyone sitting in on Late Service this Sunday? Slim. But at least we got to spend some time together eating, laughing, and fellowshipping under one God.

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