August 28, 2009

Hittin' the Books...and the Weight Room?

Fall semester is here again! This autumn I'm taking a break from a full course schedule and just taking two classes at night- academic satisfaction and convenience all in one nice pricey bundle. Spanish has never been a language that I've wanted to learn, but I'm diving into it this semester probably from a sense of guilt. I mean, Spanish should be the official language of Santa Maria, and it would be helpful for any job I get here. Add that to the fact that it will be moderately easy to pick up with the final touch of my long-lasting love of languages, and there lies my logic in taking Spanish. Even better is the fact that I absolutely enjoy my classmates, and that class meets only once a week! My other course is Women in Public Safety. It's a pre-academy class for people looking into careers in police, EMS, firefighting, or similar careers. I'm not sure if this is exactly what I'm pursuing as a career, but it'll get me into pretty fine shape and at the very least I'll have a better appreciation for all the men and women who have careers in public safety. My dad is also taking the class with me, so that makes it more fun because we joke and give each other funny looks during class. He's the only guy taking the course, so that adds a dynamic I think is really hilarious (To Dad: "You're the ugliest chick I've ever seen!"). Last night, we had to stand up and give our introductions and I thought Dad would die from estrogen-overload, but we made it through alive. It's time to start really working out and eating right because one of the requirements for the class is to be doing the Law Enforcement Academy Workout (To which Parker said, and I quote: "Ha. Haha. Hahaha.")! I'm pretty excited to see how this semester will go and how far I can push myself, and maybe discover if this is a career path I could possibly take.
On a side (but nevertheless important) note, Parker left me all this week to go to training down in Burbank and I missed him ever-so-much but now he's back! So that's good. Sometimes maybe time apart is good for us, but I genuinely dislike it. There's nothing like watching How I Met Your Mother and chatting with my man at the end of a long day. Talking over the phone is just not the same- plus, we always mishear each other and start getting irritated before we realize what the other person has actually said. Oh wait- that's just me. Anyway, I hope to see him tonight since it would be the perfect end to a long day. Sigh. That and my quart of Cold Stone's.


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