August 15, 2009

Summer Tales

I can't believe summer is already almost over. It seems like everyone was just getting out of school, and now everyone's dragging themselves back to Wal-Mart for their fall school supplies! I've spent most of the summer behind the counter in Pismo Beach, renting summer fun and enjoying local eats from all the tasty restaurants near the Pier. When I haven't been at work though, I've been having fun times with friends and family. Some of the highlights:

1. Nine month-iversary with Parker- here's the shirt I got him!
2. Random hangouts with Mikey3. Seeing The Ugly Truth with Deja4. Late-night Applebees with Parker, Michael, and Farah

5. Going to the gym with Dad and Ernie

6. Having Uncle Rob, Grandpa John, and Grandma Joyce visiting from Tennessee

It's been a pretty great summer, and I'm hoping for an even more amazing fall (since that means my birthday is getting closer and closer!)


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