February 26, 2011

Variation on a Theme- Wooden Heels

One of my favorite current shoe trends are wooden clogs with a high heel. Perfect for walking, oh-so-cute, with a salute to Mother Nature, you just can't go wrong! As fashion is coming around full circle once more, vintage finds are holding their own with more current clog styles.

I have two pair of Sven clogs- one of them is number 3 to the right, which I actually designed for myself during the Job of the Shoes and Sven is now displaying on their website!- and the only problem I find with them is deciding which ones I want to wear more.

Can you spot which of these clogs are vintage and which are new?

1. Dekalb Clog Sandal ($345) by Rachel Comey
2. Vintage Shoe with Wooden Heel ($40) from Aiseirigh
3. Leaf Punch High Heel Clog in Taupe ($225) by Sven
4. Vintage 40s T-Strap Clog ($300) from HoneycombVintage
5. T-Strap Clog in Honey ($245) from No.6 Store
6. Bohemian Leather Clogs ($44) from CraftyCrowVintage

Review my list of vintage and handmade clogs on Etsy here!
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