February 12, 2011

Yay. Blerg. I Don't Know.

On particularly ill-fated mornings, I wake up feeling like Liz Lemon. (If you don't know who that is, call me and I will let you borrow 30 Rock immediately.) She has this inner fabulous self, I'm sure, but it's usually hidden behind Scrunchies (bad hair day), under over-sized sweats (not exactly feeling svelte- maybe I should go for a run), and somewhere between the first and third doughnut (oh, what's the point). She makes social faux pas and consequently finds solace in soft pretzels- are you seeing the connection? It's a good thing that Mr. Parker loves me just as I am and encourages me to put my best foot forward and make the best of each day, otherwise it would be ridiculously easy to make Liz Lemon days a daily occurrence.

It feels good to finally collapse in bed tonight. I've started a new job, and I'm really enjoying it. I also applied for an events management internship with Nike at their Santa Barbara office so it would be amazing if that worked out. During the Job of the Shoes, I was working sixty hours some weeks and now it's going down to less than twenty at less pay. I don't have anything else to do occupy my time right now while Mr. Parker is working so much, so in an attempt to offset my stir-craziness I'm going to have to either find some hobbies or another job. Maybe both.

Highlight of the Week: last Saturday, I witnessed something incredible. My first cousin (ever) was born. There was so much happening at the time- helping Verissa through her contractions as much as I could by holding her head up and keeping her forehead cool, feeling different emotions as I watched Tabitha and my grandma's face- a combination of elation and concern- and suppressing the urge to sing along to Mamma Mia, which was playing on the TV. When Bella was born, there was hugging and kissing and exclamations, but I couldn't get over how one minute she wasn't born, and the next minute there she was! In any case, she was perfectly beautiful and the whole thing was just...well, you know...amazing.
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