March 11, 2013

"Things Are Happening!"

The SATC girls are calm, cool, collected. A long weekend in NYC with my man? How lovely.
Liz Lemon/me: "New York- the land of infinite food options! Get a map and a pen- this is not a drill!"
I know, I know- more 30 Rock quotes. Apologies and condolences to those of you who have never watched. You definitely should give it a shot if not to enjoy it then to at least understand many of my quotes. (I am a big fan- I even brought along DVDs to the hospital when I was in labor with Miles. Not sure why... I guess I figured if a woman could have an orgasmic birth- which is a whole other topic and conversation- that I could laugh my way through it? Labor may not be the best time of sound logic.) Anyway, I like the show, and I've been thinking about it and all my other favorite shows based in New York because...drumroll... Parker and I are taking a long weekend there next month! I've never been (I know, horrifying) and can't wait to soak it up. I just know I'll love it. Parker knows too, and is worried that I'll want to move there. It may happen.

I immediately emailed my friend Chrystal, really the only true New Yorker I know, for information. She only scoffed a little at my first and only reservation (before talking to her) at Cipriani Downtown. I didn't know and this is part of the reason I love her- she knows all the good spots to eat and shop. Because as much as I tend to think that Liz Lemon is my spirit animal, I do have a bit a lot of a Carrie Bradshaw shoe thing going on.

This will be the longest I've ever been away from Miles, but I am so so excited to have a nice "grown-up" trip with Parker. It will be amazing, I just know it..

If you are a New Yorker or have visited before, what are your favorite spots? Priority goes to food and shopping, as you can tell.

Have a great week!


Fairly Obvious said...

Ha thank you liz lemon... i'll be your carrie bradshaw any day! xoxox Can't wait to see u then!

lisacng @ said...

Have fun, you two! Well deserved!

I don't know NYC at all, but have heard of a place called donut planet or heaven or something. Heard it's amazing!

Meg Hodson said...

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