March 18, 2013

Make Up Your Mind Already

I am both a very decisive and indecisive person. Is that possible? To make up your mind and never look back, or to sometimes make up your mind and then kinda take quick peeks backward to make sure you're still happy with the decision you've made? I am constantly weighing options. Mostly about school, a lot of the time about shoes or hairstyles and sometimes relationships or family. For example, do I want more babies? The answer in my mind's Magic 8 ball right now is try again later. I am actually very much at peace with the fact that right now I do not want to try to get pregnant. 

For things like career, I've written before about being indecisive in that area. I find it a luxury that I can even be indecisive. I am wholeheartedly continuing my midwifery studies (because, after all, I love birth and I love the science behind it); meanwhile, I have other dreams. I'd love to design and produce a clothing line, or someday open a restaurant. I've had those dreams for years. Sometimes I feel like it's not okay to want to do so many things- this may be my trashy reality TV love talking, but don't the Real Housewives always get harassed for saying, "Oh, my store opens next week, my book is being released in the summer, and my new hit single will be out in the fall"? It almost seems like it's frowned upon to have your fingers in any more than one pie.

I'm taking it one day at a time, but always dreaming and planning and, of course, studying like crazy. I am taking two classes now and have three more starting in April. It's going to be a mad dash to the end of the semester, but I'm ready. 

And now, some photos from this last weekend. Whenever I see these I instantly feel joy and know that a few of my dreams have already come true.

I love his little face and all its expressions.
He's such a little charmer.
My guys. 
Walking with my boy.
He'd much rather push the stroller than be in it!

 Have a great week!


Chantal said...

I'm working through my own career plans too. I want to be a writer, a doula, and a stay-at-home mom... amongst other things!

wilson tom said...

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lisacng @ said...

At least you're at peace with the indecision! And Miles, so cute!

Boss Hoggg said...

I really can't make up my mind.

tinyheat said...

I am the exact same way!! And have very similar wants and passions as you! I went back to school to learn fashion design and patternmaking, while working in the restaurant industry and now I'm back to one of my other loves - photography. But I think all of those things that have inspired me and that I've learned and worked on - brings more richness in everything I try to do. Follow your dreams :) after all, isn't that what we tell our (or will tell) our own kids?