July 12, 2007

I feel pretty dumb. I mean, I started a blog, and I don't even know if I've written in it once. I didn't check, anyway. Well, I figure since this fall semester will be the one where I turn 18, the one where I probably will be moving away from Santa Maria, and all kinds of boring and exciting things will be happening between now and December...it might be kind of fun to chronicle the happenings. I'm not too sure they'll be glamorous, or anything extra extraordinary- actually I'm pretty sure they'll be the contrary to you, at least. But these things all happen for a reason, and maybe years from now I can look back and see how God was working in my life and how everything built up and how my life has progressed.

I'm a little tired of Myspace...thinking "Do I have any comments?" or some such stupidity. Okay, maybe it's not stupid, because I know really great people who are devoted Myspacers, but I've just been craving some writing time. Who knows if I'll even have anyone look at my blog. This may be just a me thing...I have like a thousand different journals in my room, but this is a little more convenient, if a little more open. I probably never will write down exactly what I really think- that usually gets me in trouble and I may likely change my mind later about certain topics if I was in a certain mood when I wrote it. Basically...you may think you know what I'm writing, but it's likely that no one'll really know except me. That's okay, but if there are any doubts or questions to what I'm writing, go ahead and talk to me about it.

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