November 15, 2008

It's Almost Two in the Morning...

...and I can't think of a title. So I'm just going to dive in and start writing before I fall asleep, wake up, and am not as motivated to write.
Things of particular note- to begin with, my little sisters' adoption anniversary was on the 4th! It's been five years now that they've officially been Leos girls, and I'm loving them more and more every day. Good ol' K & K!

Oh guess what? My birthday is in two days, and I am quite excited about it! I've already gotten some lovely presents in the mail (one of them was a Barnes & Nobles giftcard- thank you thank you thank you, Uncle Rob!), but the real excitement begins on Monday. I always have dinner with the family on my birthday, and that will be fun. Then on Thursday night I'm having a birthday dinner at Olive Garden with a bunch of friends. I can't wait!

In other news...I went on a date tonight (or last night, I should say) with Parker. The date itself was delightful (I'll come back to it in a moment). The hour and a half before that wasn't so much! I had my whole family giving me their opinion on what to wear. Think a fashionesque version of American Idol: Mom (Paula), Dad (Randy), and the dreaded Simon (Ernie). K & K liked everything. This ordeal showed me a few things, one in particular is that I need to go shoe shopping! Well, not need...but you know what I mean. I am missing my staple accesory, my go-to fashion friend- a good pair of red shoes. They pretty much never fail. Anyway, back to the date! So after deciding what to wear, I was pacing the hallway. (Yeah, I was a little nervous. I don't know why.) Mom called from the kitchen, "What kind of car does he drive?"- I told her, then: "Nope, not him." I went to the kitchen to entertain her and then he was there!

I had a really great time. First, we went to Chef Rick's, and then we went to see the new James Bond flick. Chef Rick's was pretty amazing because, besides the already delicious food, there was no one else in the restaurant for at least the first half hour! James Bond was interesting- not bad, but I definitely like Casino Royale better. (I did love the soundtrack, though.) Then, after the movie, we walked out of the theater and I saw a bunch of people that I knew. Josh and Sean (the Air Force guys, as I like to call them), Collin and his little brother, Janelle, Andrew, Ryan Flowers, my good friend Kristen, and Ashley's sister Steph and her boyfriend. Crazy. Anywho, after that we went back to my house and chatted with my dad, Ernie, and Cory a little bit and then it was time to bring the date to a close. The result of this? I am very happy, like this guy a lotta bit, and have some gorgeous roses on my dresser.

The grand finale? I went to 7-11 with Dad, there was a fist-fight in the parking lot and then a little smackdown by Art and the Sheriff's Department. Geez. I guess I really shouldn't go to 7-11 anymore.


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Anonymous said...

You're funny!!! You should have mentioned that you were ASKING us for our opinion on what to wear. We were just answering your questions, not trying to add to your nervousness. We did enjoy watching you trying to figure it out, though! And your roses are DEFINITELY beautiful!!! I love you!!!

<3 Mom