December 18, 2008

The Sex is on Fire

That's right, I said it. But it's not what you think! I'm sitting at Parker's right now while he's working on some cabinets, and that's the song that came on (by Kings of Leon)...

So anywho, what's new? Not a lot, and yet the things that are changing are pretty dramatic. First thing: I have a new brother! His name is Paul, he's three, and I'm in love. The whole family's whipped, to be sure, although after a week it's interesting to see and notice the changes in family structure just by this little guy's presence. Krystine isn't the youngest anymore (I think she's probably pretty happy about it)! But also it adds a bit of stress and added responsibility over basic things, like keeping the bathroom and front doors locked- he will open the door. There's lots to say about him. Here:

Good Things About Paul:
  • Cute
  • Great hugs and smooches
  • He's pretty good at saying my name- at least for a three year old
  • Greatest little boy laugh EVER
Iffy Things About Paul:
  • He bites
  • He yells
  • He's not toilet-trained
So that's what's new in the familia...what's new with me? I still have a boyfriend...we've been going out for a month now. There's a lot of things to be said about Parker, so here:

Good Things About Parker:
  • Cute-esque
  • Great hugs (and smooches. As Parker would say, "Don't worry about it.")
  • He's pretty good at saying my name, except when he forgets and calls me Murray
  • Numerous other little details that have me liking him a whole lot
  • He is toilet-trained.
Iffy Things About Parker:
  • He bites
  • He yells
  • He...hmm...yeah, that's all I got
How 'bout the gnome, eh? Little David the gnome is safe and sound...somewhere...muahaha. Last night a dramatic battle was fought between law enforcement (who was keeping the gnome hostage) and little ol' me- and let's just say I should be a cop, because justice was served! Yay. So. I'm excited because there are some surprises in store for the gnome and the Shaws- and if you'd just be patient (Parker) you'll see it all unfold and the gnome will be brought home peacefully and merrily, in the manner of Christmas.

That's all for now!


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Ashley said...

i loved this blog by the way. You are really funny. Hopefully david the gnome makes it home in time for the holidays. That is if your boyfriend keeps his distance!! hahaha. anyway. love ya..and yes. I love paul as well. can I have him?