April 5, 2012

Good Intent

Since Miles was born, I've watched all the seasons of Grey's Anatomy- up until the current season, that is- and one of the weird things I enjoyed about the show was that each episode was named after a song. Since I'm on a huge Kimbra kick right now, the title "Good Intent" fits perfectly.

Good intent is also fitting as I look back on my previous post. This post has no doubt received the most feedback of any blog entry I've written to date; I received many Facebook messages and a few comments on the blog itself. I was disappointed to find that many have been put down by others for their birthing choices, and what some misunderstood to be a slam on natural birth is not at all! It's not about epidurals, med-free, or Cesareans- I just love birth. It is so beautiful and crazy how our bodies work to grow new life, bring it into the world, and then proceed to give us the innate desire to fiercely protect and nurture it. What I care about is the freedom a woman should have to give birth how and where she feels comfortable and most safe. If that's at home in her own environment, she should receive no judgement. If that's in a hospital with an epidural, the same should apply. It's her choice. Certainly it doesn't help to pass criticism on a woman who's already given birth. One quote from The Business of Being Born has stuck with me since I first heard it: "A woman, as long as she lives, will remember how she was made to feel during her birth." All I mean to say is, support is what women need. I hope we can all lift each other up instead of the alternative.

In other news, Miles is three months old now! He is smiling more and more, laughing, and starting to roll over. I adore him. He holds onto me, and he has started to cry when someone else is holding him and he realizes they're not me. He's such a mama's boy. Gosh, I love him.

That's all for now. Goodnight!
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