December 21, 2012

Choos Day

One day, about two weeks ago, I was able to cross off an item from my fashion Bucket List (am I the only girl who has one?). I am a shoe lover all the way, so it's no surprise to find many pairs the list. While those who know me are more than aware of my love for shoes, I'm sure a complete stranger would know if they happened to see me frolicking around the shoe department at Nordstroms. If I need to go shopping for shirts, I find shoes. Every. Time. I don't know how it happens.

Since Miles arrived, I've been sticking to the basics: my favorite Minnetonkas and the occasional wedge. But when I came across these beautiful heels, I knew they needed to get in my closet ASAP. My husband got them for me for my birthday (one of the many reasons why he's the best husband ever) and when they arrived I just stared at the box for a minute, savoring the moment. They fit perfectly and make me as tall as I could hope for without feeling like I would fall flat on my face with any misstep. And, of course, every girl needs a perfect black pair of heels!

What's on your fashion Bucket List? I've always secretly wanted a pair of those blue Manolo Blahnik heels from the first SATC movie but for now I'm trying to stick to the classics. I've got my eye on a Burberry scarf next!

Have a great weekend!


Fairly Obvious said...

Those probably aren't uncomfortable since they have the platform in front, I thought you were getting like a regular pair of pumps which is why I said beware hahahaha... I wore a pair of my choo's last week and i wanted to cut my feet off after.

lisacng @ said...

Hope they're comfy!! I love shoes too but am more practical - need me some flats! My bucket list item is a Chanel handbag, which I'll probably just hide in my closet and stare at ;).