September 26, 2008

Staring at the Ceiling Fan

You may think, "How boring!" but at the moment my room is a welcome retreat from the week and the coming weekend. Yesterday was Eric's birthday, so Krystie and I spent the day with him to celebrate...but the real festivities are tomorrow! Chef Rick's for lunch will be so tasty. Then later on Krystie and I are going down to Ventura to see seven! I only know one of them, Callista...and Krystie just introduced me to them. Sunday will be non-stop hectic like always.
Yesterday and today are also noteworthy because I got to talk to two friends- David, from Australia, and Uli, from Germany- on the phone! It's been a while, and even though we write consistently, it was so good to hear their voices!
Well, I better get going- tonight I'm giving my first piano lesson! Krystie's excited too...I think...she's my guinea pig... :)

Still wishing for that rain!


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