September 30, 2008

Let It Snow (Parmesan) Baby, Let it Reindeer (Sausage)

If Matt Thiessen ever is really bored (which I doubt he is) and happens to read my blog (which I doubt he would), I am talking about pizza. Why? I don't know...I just wanted to show off my flashy phrase, I thought of it yesterday when Krystie and I were at Me-n-Ed's Pizzeria, although it would be more fitting for Klondike's...yes, anyway...

To start off, I just need to say that yesterday was a gorgeous day. Gorgeous! Fluffy white and gray clouds in the sky, a nice breeze, and the sun warm to contrast the cool breeze. It was an utterly satisfying departure from the normal Santa Maria bare blue sky and still warm air.

Let's recap the last week, shall we? Hmm, I forgot the last time I wrote, but last Thursday was Eric's birthday...then Saturday Krystie and I took him to Chef Rick's and surprised him in the afternoon with a party at Waller Park. It was lots of fun (I have pictures on my Myspace and Facebook). Then almost immediately after Krystie, Karyn, and I drove down to Ventura at supersonic speed to catch a show at the Ventura Majestic Theater. There were a lot of bands there, but the main highlights were seeing Venomous Voices (actually a hip-hop act, if you can believe it), Callista (the reason Krystie and Karyn were there), and Brainspoon (my personal favorite). It was awesome. I'll write more about them later.

Actully, going to go for now but will write more later as I have a whole lot more to say.


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