October 2, 2008

It's October!

That's right folks, the pathway to the holidays. We've only just walked through the gate and are now beginning our saunter down the lane that leads past the excitement of Halloween, my birthday (although that doesn't matter as much to you) and the comfort of Thanksgiving straight into the excitement, joy, and good cheer of the Christmas holidays and into the New Year! It makes me excited just thinking of it. Everything pumpkin is tempting and delightful and right this time of year. Soon, the scents of cinnamon will be prevalent in stores and homes, and that will be the ultimate delight for me, as cinnamon is my favorite scent- right next to respectable old books and fresh baked goods!

The weather is cloudy and wonderful- I'm hoping for a full-out rain soon.

Oh!- and I've decided what I'm going to be for Halloween- Juno! Don't you steal my idea, it will be amazing and I will be able to use her sarcasm to full effect. :)

'Til later!


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