October 7, 2008


Let me start off by saying that, even though Parker said I was creepy when I told him I was looking up what taxidermy is (to see what brainspoons really are), I'm not talking about anything grotesque at all- this band is one of my new faves.

When Krystie invited me to go along with her and Karyn to Ventura to see Callista and "some other bands", I had no idea what we were in for. After Callista finished playing, we saw the band setting up, and I knew we had to at least hear what they sounded like. As soon as their set started, we knew we weren't going anywhere! They were fantastic and I couldn't have been happier to see two chicks onstage- Daphne, middle on the couch above, fronts the band with her sweet vocal skills, and Michelle does backup vocals along with utter guitar amazingness! Chris (sitting next to Daphne) rocked the beat on drums, while Link Oblivion (seated, left, with an awesome name) jams on guitar and Tom plays some cool bass. Together, they were a great live performance. Afterwards, Krystie, Karyn, and I were outside and saw the band coming out of the Ventura Theater and debated for almost ten minutes whether or not to go say hello...so we walked by at least three times...so lame. I totally wish we would've, but I'm not too worried because I have a feeling I'll see them again.

The next day, I got on Myspace and hunted them up...and being the Myspace stalker I am (not really, just doing research...right?) I checked out Daphne's page to find out a little more about her. I was almost blown away by what she had in her About Me section: "I'm an artist and musician, a punk rock conservative Christian - and if you try to figure that out your head will explode...I love science and I believe in truth..." She went on to say that she's learning Chinese! CHINESE! Like me! Aaah, it's too amazing. I'm planning to write her, but I haven't decided what to say yet...

I checked out the other band members' pages also (amazin' stuff, Chris and Daphne are married by the way! That made me happy for some reason)...but the one that really got me was Daphne. I'm pretty sure she's on my list of favorite people now.

YAY for chick rockers...it gives me hope... :)


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