October 4, 2008

The Weir

So, last night Eric, Krystie, and I went to PCPA to see The Weir. It's a contemporary play set entirely in a pub in Ireland (I'd never seen before a play with only one scene used in the entire performance!). It was held in the Severson Theater, which is much cozier than the Marian Theater- the audience surrounds the stage in a horseshoe shape (the stage is level with the entrance to the theater and some audience members actually walk across the stage to get to their seats) with three sections and only four rows deep in each section. We had really nice seats in the third row of the center section. The play started, and we were entertained by the witty conversation of Jack, Brendan, Jim, Finbar, and Valerie throughout the progression of the evening. One website puts it well: "As four friends enter on a winter's night for a drink and a chat, they are joined by a young woman from Dublin who has just bought an old house in the village. After some craic, they begin telling stories with a supernatural element, each of which becomes increasingly disturbing. The end result of these stories is the revealing of intimate and personal details of each character's lives, something none of them expected to happen."
This was a great way for me to get some insight into contemporary-set plays, as I've never really seen any (mostly classical or "classic" theater). I loved it. Also, one of my favorite PCPA actors was in it (Andrew Philpot)- yay! This is one for the scrapbooks, and I'm definitely planning on volunteering this season at the theater.
Good times!


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