October 21, 2008

Fools Rush In

For those of you who remain undaunted by my small font, I've been thinking it's time to post some new life to the blog. There's been no end of living, just no free time to sit and write. Now, I'm in the Academic Resource Center at Hancock (where it's almost unpleasantly chilly- not warm enough to be comfortable and stay awhile, but not quite cold enough to keep students from coming in) and I have about forty-five minutes to type.

As I have the serenades of Frank Sinatra in my ear, the title of this post has two meanings- I listen to good music, and I have the tendency to rush in to good things at the wrong time. I've been thinking so much about Christmas lately...it didn't hit me until very recently that I haven't been taking the time to enjoy Fall. I mean, I have been enjoying it (pumpkin-y goodness everywhere) but not savoring it like I'm looking forward to savoring the Christmas holidays. What to do, what to do! Walking through the Hancock campus today, I appreciated the wind (even though it's warm) and the leaves falling from the tall trees. And this is just the start!Another thing I really love about this time of the year is that my birthday lies squarely between autumn and winter. It's coming, and I'm excited. I probably won't have anything too fancy, just a good time with friends and general merrymaking. And that's enough. More than presents, it's more happy for me to have people together. Yay. But if you'd like to contribute to the Veralynn Barnes & Nobles fund, go right ahead.

Well, there's another blog brewing about the Late Service, ninjas, and Denny's, but that'll be later tonight. 'Til then, adios amigos!


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