September 20, 2010

Diet? What Diet?

You know how nutritionists sometimes suggest self-evaluation of diet and general levels of fitness to hopefully encourage us to pursue a more healthful way of living? ...Me neither. But tonight while Mr. Parker and I were sitting on the couch watching episodes of 30 Rock (onto a great start already, right?), I realized what I've had to eat today: a pumpkin scone, a cheeseburger, an ice cream sandwich, two (little) chocolate chip cookies, two miniature soft pretzels, and a slice of Parker's pepperoni pizza. I know!

I'm only being brutally honest about this because I'm hoping that posting this will push me off the couch and into the gym! And maybe consider the fact that the closest thing to a fruit or vegetable I consumed today was the word "pumpkin" in my pumpkin scone. This is depressing.


1 comment:

Michael said...

I think Parker is wearing off on you. That sounds like his diet--if you add jelly beans and pop tarts.