September 18, 2010

Birkenstock Birth Control Myth Debunked

That's right- the job curse has been subdued again! I'm working for Roxanne's Birkenstock in San Luis Obispo- actually their website, which has everything from Ugg Boots to Minnetonka Moccasins, from Simple Shoes to, you guessed it- Birkenstocks. Birks and I go way back, known from an early age as "those weird-looking hippie sandals Mom wears and therefore I will never set foot in". (My grandpa showed me a comic strip once with a patient asking a doctor for a non-invasive form of birth control- the doctor said, "Here- try these" and handed her a pair of Birkenstock sandals!) Upon starting this job, however, I've found that they have come a long way and maybe someday will consider buying a pair. I can't bring myself to do it just yet...

I did buy a pair of celebratory shoes with my first paycheck, though! (You know I couldn't resist.) They are made by Simple and not only are they organic, they're 100% vegan with no animal products or byproducts.
PETA would be proud. They are so comfortable!

Other news from the home front: Gus-Gus graduated from his first level of obedience training today. I was so proud of him- he is growing up so fast. Next thing you know it will be time for his 1st birthday party! think I'm joking. I don't think you understand how much I love this dog!

Well, that's it for now. I made a batch of chocolate chip cookies for Mr. Parker and his co-workers. Plus I'll take just about any excuse to see my man. Thank goodness it's his Friday, because honestly I miss him so much! You'd think he'd be old hat nine months into this marriage business, but I can't get enough of him.



Morgan Jane said...

Ha ha, you're so cute V! Glad you're not sick of your man yet. :) We need to catch up...I super miss you! Loves!

Michael said...

Huzzah for the blog's rebirth!