January 31, 2011


Lately, I've had some encouragement (meaning: poking, prodding, etc) to turn these musings into a "real" blog featuring my current music, movie, food and fashion favorites. I'm going to try, but sometimes I wonder if people even read this old thing. Thus, the blog facelift. A new template for a new year, and a new year for new pursuits!

So far I've only failed one of my New Year's resolutions and that is to attempt a new culinary feat made entirely from scratch. This means I'll have to do two in February to catch up. This month I read My Life in France by Julia Child, so I should have plenty of inspiration! I really enjoyed this book for a few reasons: firstly, it brought a smile to my face to read about how much that girl loved butter (you're not the first one, Paula Deen). Secondly, I was really struck by how much time they spent around the table; a three hour dinner was not uncommon. How great is that? It's a completely different idea to someone like me who is used to dinners being about thirty minutes, tops (and that's probably including prep time).

So, any ideas for what I should make this month?

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Anonymous said...

BAM yourself! Make snickerdoodles...because they just sound so delicious!

Happy said...

I'm a faithful reader Veralynn! I love reading about what's going on in SM and with the Parkers. As for ideas, make something healthy and make your husband eat it!