January 9, 2011


This year is doing nowhere near what I planned it would. We're nine days in and already it's a flurry of unexpected activity.

Today is our first anniversary. We spent a little time talking about that day a year ago and how it's gone so fast yet at times it feels like we've been married forever. It's a really nice feeling. He left this afternoon for a two-week training and I miss him. He kissed me and told me to keep a stiff upper lip, so now I'm looking on the bright side and plan on enjoying having the bed all to myself this week.

It's a bittersweet feeling to be celebrating our life together while this week my family has experienced a loss. My Grandma Cleo (my mom's paternal grandmother) passed away yesterday. She was ninety years old this last March, and for her birthday my mom, sisters, uncle, grandparents and I went to Illinois to surprise her. I won't forget the look on her face as we all filed into her room- priceless! I showed her pictures of Parker and Gus and listened to her talk to everyone as we visited. She was a wonderful woman.

My mom and I are flying to Chicago this weekend for her funeral. I had originally taken the days off this weekend to go visit Parker in Sacramento, but I am thankful to have this time to
go be with my family. We're staying in a hotel with Grandpa, Grandma, and the rest of the family in Manteno for Thursday and Friday night, but for our last night in Chicago I booked my mom and I a room at the Raffaello Hotel and Sunday I plan on walking around a little bit and maybe find a nice restaurant, cold weather be darned.

Today I won my first real luxury handbag steal on eBay. I won't tell you how much it was- it's still more than I'm willing to admit- but it is SO cute and it is- gasp!- Prada. Mmm mmm good.

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